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Tarraki Corner Another Amravati based IFA strikes it big this Dhanteras

Another Amravati based IFA strikes it big this Dhanteras

Rajesh Sharma has Initiated 111 SIPs in a single day.
Nishant Patnaik Oct 17, 2017

Taking inspiration from Cafemutual’s article on Amravati-based Mahesh Gattani of Balaji Investments who initiated 500 SIPs in a single day, another Amravati-based IFA Rajesh Sharma has initiated 111 SIPs on Dhanteras.

Though the number looks small compared to Mahesh’s figure of 500 SIPs, it is certainly a big number for an IFA who started just three years ago.

Sharing his achievement with Cafemutual, he says, “I had gone through Mahesh Bhai’s story published on Cafemutual on September 27. This story is the source of inspiration for me to ‘Think bold and Plan big’. That day I made a pledge to initiate at least 101 SIPs in equity funds on Dhanteras.”

However, it is easier said than done. Rajesh approached 80 existing clients and asked them to start an SIP in equity funds instead of buying gold on Dhanteras. By the end of this 10 days exercise, only 25 clients agreed to start SIPs in equity funds.

Rajesh did not give up and managed to get over 50 referrals from his 150 clients. He started meeting prospects to understand their interests and encourage them to start SIPs in equity mutual funds. He explained to them the concept of long term investing in mutual funds through SIPs. He convinced 30 new clients to start SIPs on Dhanteras.

As a result, Rajesh has initiated 111 SIPs on behalf of his clients in equity funds in a single day. The average ticket size of SIP is Rs.1,700 per month per folio with a minimum time horizon of five years.

In future, he plans to enrol with a digital platform to initiate 500 SIPs in a single day.



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bhanu prasad · 1 year ago
i appreciate it, but how many of them will continue their sips, how many of them investing goal oriented. What is the use if u do sip business for image and exposer in media. An lic agent who has micro finance company in andhra pradesh used to do 1000 policies in a year. what is the use more than 99% policies got lapsed next year. Its better to educate the clients. 10 good sips are enough than 100 bad sips( which may not continue). I promise these clients will treat these sips as 2 year chit funds and with draw with in 2 years, or after two years. no one will continue. These guys do not know time value of money.
Anup Ashok Vankudre · 1 year ago
I agree completely
rajesh · 1 year ago
No need to criticise , If you are unable to Do something Good then don't tell others what's going to work or not.
amit Shah · 1 year ago
Great Job Done...I Appreciate... Without Activity You Can not Generate Big Corpus. I think in Our Ind. Reference call & Activity is Best Tools. Same Thing i Apply Every Quarter. Its a Law of Large No Game.
Congrats Dear & All the Best.....
Amala Deepa · 1 year ago
Good initiative.
Sukumar · 1 year ago
Great job done . Forget how many clients will continue or not . That's their problem . Unless you TRY YOU DON'T KNOW . HARD WORK PAYS OFF .
Yogesh Kumar Gaur · 1 year ago
Real service to investors is to educate them for long term investments . In my opinion if you can educate and enroll for long term investments just 10 investors in a month , it is much better than enrolling 100 SIPs in a day that would mostly close in next few months.
Ajay Kandol · 1 year ago
Congrts Rajesh for efforts and achievement. As mention many of friends here in this forum It is important to educate clients for better understanding of products and benefits. If client understand the importance of goal setting and planning then he/she will stay invested for longer term.
One more thing I wish to say that without knowing the facts no one is in position to say how much of these SIP will continue or stop.Keep planning and growing.
Best Wishes for Deepawali and time to come.
Nikhil Karkare · 1 year ago
Congrats Rajeshji !
GOWRISHANKAR K N · 1 year ago
Dear Banu Prasad, Do not be so pessimistic in life. It is easy to criticize. Doing something is better than doing NOTHING. This is true Karmayoga. The longest journey commences with the first step. Three cheers to Rajesh Bhai for his wonderful contribution to the MF industry. You are a role model. Congrats and a very Happy Dhanteras.
PRASHANT SARDA · 1 year ago
Congratulation Rajesh ji for 111 sip on Dhanteras.I advise you to educate your clients and ask them to investment planning through SIP & STP in mutual fund for long term goal .Provide him past performance of many best fund and compare with post office RD .You can Generate Big AUM through sip." ALWAYS DO NEW INITIATIVE & IDEAS TO INCREASE YOUR SIP NUMBERS AND JOIN THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AWARE OF MUTUAL FUND INVESTMENT.CONCENTRATE ON ADVISING SIP TO NEW INVESTOR REGULARLY .
VISHAL VASHISHT · 1 year ago
Shivkumar Kalra · 1 year ago
Real happiness is not in registering SIP. After 1 year, just see how many SIPs are working, then celebrate.
Omkeshwar Singh · 1 year ago
Great work, with digital platforms members can initiate UNLIMITED SIPs on a Single day...
Sharad Parashar · 1 year ago
Congratulations!! It's heartening to see that Rajesh realised potential of business in early stage.Garnering this much client is always a tough task but yes it shows your mental strength to do really big in near future.
Manash Paul · 1 year ago
Rajesh Sharma work is commendable and praiseworthy he has set another example for other people working in the industry. Most of the IFA'S are saying that numbers are not important but continuing that is important, so what do you think that this I fa has not done any hard work to educate client and you people are only educating even after all the education is done client still check the returns everyday they see where Sensex is moving they compare funds they go through media clients are very precarious while investing its not that easy that you go and utter anything and they will sign a check for you what do you mean by education no education works in market see the Chinese Market once it has made a high and now there are no Returns you can't predict market based returns. What you can show is the historical market data you cannot guarantee future return and if client doesn't get returns in 10 years then all disciplined and education approach is futile so I must suggest all you people that open as many as a account as possible. Do your work late the future and decide what will happen. If you fear before driving a vehicle when it is very unlikely that you will reach your destination.
Ajay kumar shringi · 1 year ago
Very well done rajesh bhai and this step will inspire to others.
Rajesh Sharma · 1 year ago
Dear All ,
Thanks for your Best wishes, suggestions as it show how you hand hold & cares about me & as I truly needed to grow thanks...
Thanks for your support and guidance ...
Looking forward same in future to come ...
Have a safe & prosperous " Happy Diwali" ...
Venkatesh · 1 year ago
Congratulations sir. It's a great achievement. On a regular basis keep sending to these Clients article on benefits of remaining invested long in equity markets and tell them to have patience and remain invested.
Chetna Bhutra · 1 year ago
Good Work Rajesh Bhai
K K PANDEY · 7 months ago
Congratulation Rajesh Sharma ji.
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