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Tarraki Corner The story of my book

The story of my book

Find out the story behind how and why these financial experts wrote books.
Daya Ragunathan Nov 3, 2017

Mumbai based Amit Trivedi of Karmayog Knowledge Center (IFA trainer)

One day I got a message on Linkedin from a person claiming to be a representative of a publishing house. He asked me if I would be interested in writing a book. I was initially suspicious and thought this was a prank. However, I found that it was a genuine offer. Most of the initial talks happened over phone. I pitched various ideas and finally ‘Riding the Roller Coaster: Lessons from Financial Market Cycles We Repeatedly Forget’ was born.

I have been contributing articles to various media houses for years and when this opportunity came, I jumped at it. As a trainer, I felt that there is no better way of establishing my expertise in the subject.

Mumbai based, Steven Fernandez of Proficient Financial Planners (Advisor)

I was publishing some of the case studies of my clients in media. Many clients and colleagues encouraged me. They told me how useful my case studies were. One day, a client suggested that I compile all my case studies and publish it as a book. I liked the idea and my book titled ‘There's always a financial solution...And it always starts with a good financial plan’ was born.

One of the biggest advantages of writing a book is that it gives an advisor enough space to holistically approach a topic. Unlike an article where you write about a certain aspect of financial planning, a book helps you explore a topic in depth. For advisors particularly, writing a book will not just establish your authority on the subject, but will act as a prospecting tool.

Mumbai based P V Subramanyam of Subramoney.com (Financial coach)

I was already writing articles for moneycontrol.com. One day, the editor of the website suggested that I should put my ideas in a book. At that time, I was posting 500-word posts on my blog subramoney.com every day. My editor assured me that writing a book would be much easier.

I have written three books till date, ‘Retire Rich’, ‘You can be rich too’ and ‘Get rich – a wealth prescriptions for doctors’.

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Ashok krishnani · 1 year ago
I want to buy Amit trivedi books. What to do.
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