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Tarraki Corner How D.Muthukrishnan and Mahesh Mirpuri gained over 10,000 followers on Twitter

How D.Muthukrishnan and Mahesh Mirpuri gained over 10,000 followers on Twitter

The story behind how these two IFAs came to rule the world of tweets.
Daya Ragunathan Nov 17, 2017

Getting a loyal following on twitter is every advisor’s dream. While most advisors are yet to reach their first 1000 followers, these two IFAs have taken social media presence to a whole new level. They have not just established themselves as thought leaders but managed to get more than 10,000 followers. In this interview with Cafemutual, they reveal their unique style of tweeting.

D.Muthukrishnan of Wise Wealth Advisors, Chennai


Followers: 14261

Joined on: Sept 2011

Though I created my account in 2011, I was not very active initially. In fact, I hardly posted anything in the first year. In 2014, I started posting my favourite quotes to test the waters. Seeing some traction, I started sharing interesting articles I had come across. Whenever I share an article or retweet someone’s post, I add a few words of my own. Since the articles were already available online, my posts were relevant only if they carry additional value.

Initially, I did not have many followers. However, I did not stop tweeting. A few months later, I found that many people had started following me.

In fact, people started approaching me for financial advice.

My suggestion to advisors who want to increase their followers on Twitter is to be consistent in your posts. Also, do not simply retweet someone’s article; instead, add a summary or a commentary. Read and explore new things such as international websites related to your business to increase your knowledge.

Mahesh Mirpuri of Invest Mutual, Chennai


Followers: 11368

Joined on: July 2011

I started using Twitter before I became an IFA. I believe since Twitter is a social media, one should focus on personal interests and passions. Hence, apart from mutual funds, I post tweets on personal finance, Sanskrit and Vedanta.

In fact, in my profile description too, I have specifically mentioned this to let my followers know what type of posts to expect from me.

By sharing infographics and giving commentary on news or articles, I am able to reach out to a wide audience. In fact, many people in my Vedanta and Sanskrit lists have approached me for financial advice.

In addition, I make it a point not to give advice on Twitter. I keep it strictly for socializing. If someone asks me a mutual fund query, I encourage him or her to become my client first.

My advice to advisors is to increase interaction with people on social media. If someone has posted a tweet, reply immediately. I am never shy of replying to industry leaders, CEOs, CIOs and fund managers. By interacting with various people, I have increased my visibility. Recently, a fund manager approached me telling he recognised me from Twitter. This was a proud moment for me.



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joseph · 3 months ago
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