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Tarraki Corner The journey of an IFA who built a monthly SIP book of Rs.1 crore

The journey of an IFA who built a monthly SIP book of Rs.1 crore

This advisor has proved that every small investment counts.
Shreeta Rege May 10, 2018

When he was still in college Sandeep Gupta from Delhi made up his mind that he would turn his budding interest in finance into his future profession. In 1989, he took up insurance agency and added stock broking to his services two years later.

A few years down the line, a mutual fund professional advised him to consider offering his clients mutual funds. Post the discussion, he decided to connect with a few other people in the MF industry. Talking with them he realised that SIPs are an excellent tool for volatility management. Thanks to rupee cost averaging, investors generally did not lose money while investing through the systematic route. Convinced of the growth potential of mutual funds, he took his ARN in 2002.

Client acquisition

His strategy was to focus on retail investors. In 2002, he already had a client base thanks to his insurance advisory practice. Initially, he approached his existing clients to start SIPs. Even today, he often uses medical insurance as an entry point to acquire new clients and eventually introduces the benefits of an SIP to them.

Small is big

Sandeep was already targeting retail clients when one of his big clients pointed out the opportunity in the underserviced segments. "Sandeep there are many advisors who would like to give me financial advice but no one wants to give my maid or my driver financial advice," said this client.

These words reinforced Sandeep's belief that empowering these people would help them make better financial decisions and achieve their goals. Also, this was a virtually untapped market with virtually no competition.

Sandeep requested his existing clients to help him approach their household help, drivers and security guards to help them grow money through SIP.

The pitch

He does not believe in using jargon while pitching the SIP value proposition to his clients. While meeting prospective clients, he begins with questions such as, “Are you a salaried employee or a business professional?” As many clients are salaried individuals, he explains to them how they can deploy a small portion of their earnings towards their future financial goals through SIPs. For business individuals, he gives a picture of the future, stressing the importance of diversifying their income streams and how an SIP in mutual funds can help them grow wealth. He highlights rupee cost averaging through tables and performance history of schemes across market cycles.  

He encourages his clients to start SIPs even if it is a small amount. He believes that once clients start investing in mutual funds through an SIP, he or she increases the investment. “When clients see the impact of systematic investing on their portfolio they start approaching me for more investment suggestions. Investing is addictive. It is like a drug; once you develop investment discipline you will return with a desire to increase your SIP investments,” shares Sandeep.

Client engagement

Sandeep offers clients both mutual fund and general insurance services. Thus, every year he ends up connecting with them multiple times while renewing their different policies. In the case of his mutual fund-only clients, he makes it a point to connect with them over the phone and update them about their portfolio.

Over the years, he has acquired around 1,600 clients totalling an AUM of Rs.62 crore. He has also streamlined his business to focus on mutual funds and select general insurance offerings.

Sandeep has been able to create a meaningful portfolio for his clients thereby growing his business. Transparency, genuine advice and targeting the often ignored small retail clients are the three corner stones which have helped him build a SIP book of Rs.1 crore per month. Today majority of his new business comes through referrals and kids of his existing clients.




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Milind Khasnis · 10 months ago
Welcome to Monthly sip book of ONE CRORE. WE wish you best luck for 2 Cr, Benchmark.

Milind Khasni
Khasnis The Wealth Managers
viswam araeti · 10 months ago
Mr Sandeep gupta well pitch the clients and selling the sip is the passion today for wealth creating as we VisNi also going to Achieve the one crore sip book size with 100 crores assets for this financial year. as present my aum is 70 cores with 85 laks sip book size. As Every Ifa should thing big and work to do IAPs and good infrastructure to give best service to the clients.
Anoop · 10 months ago
Well done Sandeep ji keep it up you are a perfect ifa
Ajay · 10 months ago
Very well done Gupta ji ????
You are an inspiration. Wishing you that you keep continuing on the path of a higher SIP and AUM book.
Bijumon Emmanuel · 10 months ago
Well done
Shri krishna · 10 months ago
Wishing you all the best for your good growth and achieve the high peak.
S s soi · 10 months ago
Good Mr Gupta congrats ji ,good work ,happy growth ji, god bless ji , hamen bhi jodo
DILIP KHEMANI · 10 months ago
Sandeep ji

Very well done. Keep it up !!!!!

Very soon reach u will reach 100 cr
Vikas Goel · 10 months ago
Sandeep Ji is a gentleman with a good sense of humour. Always work with focused approach & treat his each n every client equal. He truly believes in statement made by Mahatama Gandhi that "customer is god" .
K R Khan · 10 months ago
Congratulations Mr Sandeep. You are an inspiration to many like me...
MILAN SHAH · 10 months ago
Mohamed Ali chemban · 9 months ago
Rajesh Sharma · 9 months ago
Congratulations Sirji ... Inspirational achievement for me ... Thanks for sharing ...
Manish · 9 months ago
Your passion for being loyal and sincere is the key. Everyone I have recommended to you so far is still with you, that's a great sign.
Kapil D. Verma · 9 months ago
Really inspirational...
Hats off..
Shivakumar A · 6 months ago
Very Inspiring. Mutual Funds are the future for Advisors. May be very little payout but great satisfaction. Better than any other product returns, risk is there but nowadays clients are having great awarness on Mutual Funds at its way of working.
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