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Tarraki Corner How this Class 1 officer turned IFA initiated 741 SIPs in a day with his wife

How this Class 1 officer turned IFA initiated 741 SIPs in a day with his wife

Surprisingly, the duo executed most of these SIPs in the offline mode.
Shreeta Rege Jul 5, 2018

Inspired by the Cafemutual story of an Amravati based IFA, Mahesh Gattani who activated 500 SIP (systematic investment plan) in a single day, Ahmedabad based couple Bhadresh Sanghavi and Kavita Sanghavi have executed 741 SIPs in a single day. Surprisingly, the couple activated most of these SIPs offline.

Who are they?

Bhadresh was the Class 1 Accounts Officer with Gujarat Public Service Commission while Kavita is a homemaker turned IFA. Talking to Cafemutual about their journey, Bhadresh said, “Business and finance were two things that enticed me right from a young age. However, as my father was a government employee, I decided to follow his footsteps and joined state public services. However, the desire to own a financial advisory business was always there. When my wife, Kavita decided to start something on her own, I advised her to become a financial advisor.”

In 1999, Kavita floated her financial advisory business called Sanghavi Financial Services. They started with insurance and later added post office schemes, corporate bonds and company FDs. In 2005, Kavita became mutual fund distributor to increase her offerings. Since the business was growing fast, Bhadresh joined Kavita to help her in 2011-12 after taking voluntary retirement.

What motivated them?

Last year, when they came across the inspiring story of Mahesh Gattani on Cafemutual, they thought they could do a similar SIP run. This desire intensified when they came across another Cafemutual article of an IFA initiating record SIPs in April. Reading these achievements of fellow advisors motivated the couple to create their own record.

To make this SIP run more special, they decided to hold this activity on their son Anuj’s birthday on 12 June 2018.

How did they convince their clients?

Kavita and Bhadresh approached their existing client base of 700. The couple first approached clients who prefer lump sum investments to SIP. They explained to them that the market is volatile and many stocks are trading at higher valuations. In such a scenario, they told their clients that they should take a systematic approach to reduce market risks.

In addition, the couple approached clients who were investing without any financial goals in mind. The couple made their clients identify their financial goals such as children education and retirement. They advised them to start SIP to achieve these financial goals.

Another group they targeted was the second/third holder in joint accounts. They encouraged them to start investing in their own name even if it was a small amount.

The next move was to cross sell mutual funds to their clients who invest in insurance policies, post office saving instruments and company FDs. Most of these clients started with a small amount to test the water in mutual funds.

They also approached their friends and family members for SIP. Many of these investors had seen the AMFI advertisement and wanted to invest in mutual funds but were hesitant. To instil confidence among them, the couple cited the actual experience of their existing clients.

Over 300 families participated in the SIP run. Of the 300 families, 69 families or 170 investors were first time investors.

How they executed their plan?

The couple started this activity two months back. Since most of their clients prefer executing transaction offline, they ensured that they collected the application forms and post dated cheques much ahead of the SIP run.

However, clients who decided to start their SIP closer to their deadline, the couple used NSE NMF II platform to execute transaction.

Thanks to these activities, the couple executed 647 offline & 94 online SIPs with average ticket size of Rs.2,560.

So tell us when you are planning to start your SIP run in the comment section.



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Gayatri · 8 months ago
Ashok Dusija · 8 months ago
My heartiest congratulations to both the couples for excellent achievements.
It is really inspiring for all of us who are in this profession.
It is also very informative and will keep us motivated always for achieving such business.

Sanjay Shelke · 8 months ago
Heartiest congratulations sir.
Priyesh Sharma · 8 months ago
Very inspiring n the effort they put in while executing offline SIPs is truly remarkable...
Viswanathan · 8 months ago
My heartiest congragulations and best wishes to the couple who have achieved
this herculian task. Many more achievements to come in future.
Rohit garg · 8 months ago
Really an inspiring feat, it shows nothing is impossible if one dedicated there energy towards single goal
SWAMINATHAN · 8 months ago
Congratulation and best wishes Hard work never fail
kGK SARMA · 8 months ago
Quite inspiring!
MANISH MITTAL · 8 months ago
santosh govindrao kasane · 8 months ago
Its very Remarkebal Thing ...
Jitten Chhabra · 8 months ago
Very inspiring n motivational. Thanks for motivating me
SHRI NATH SAHAI · 8 months ago
Wonderful.Can do better.God bless the couple
Suresh Singh · 8 months ago
Congratulation Fantabulous
himanshu sharma · 8 months ago
congrats.......it is very remarkable.
Nitesh Kumar Jaiswal · 8 months ago
many congratulations to both you....i also want to know which amc you prefer for log in your SIPs, and which fund you suggest...
Rajes tatia · 8 months ago
Rashmi · 8 months ago
Well Done ....Great....Inspiring...
Rajesh · 8 months ago
Congratulations you people have done fantabulous job and unimaginable practically, it is inspiring for all mf distributors
Atulya · 8 months ago
Excellent n inspiring. Where two soul n goal joined together impossible self says I- AM - POSSIBLE.
narayanan · 8 months ago
congrats and best wishes.truly inspiring.wishing you more and more success
Vinod kr Harjai · 8 months ago
Congratulations great work ,SIP ,be the lifeline of MF industry ,should be promoted like you have done...
manjunath Chavan · 8 months ago
Congrats. Great work
t bala viswanadham · 8 months ago
Nidhi Chheda · 2 months ago
Great going..it is truly inspiring to our IFA community. Just wanted to know as we aspire to login a maximum no.of SIPs on a decided date, how do you convince the clients to wait for that particular date which you have planned ?
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