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Tarraki Corner ‘Investment Art or Science is a book that resolves multiple financial queries’

‘Investment Art or Science is a book that resolves multiple financial queries’

Pune based advisor Sunil Kapadia gives a glimpse of fundamentals of financial markets through his newly launched book.
Riya Lakhmani Jul 27, 2018

Pune based financial advisor and author, Sunil Kapadia has recently launched his book l ‘Investment Art or Science’ to educate advisors and investors about the fundamentals of financial markets.

In the conversation with Cafemutual, he talks about his book.

What inspired you to write a book?

I was always keen on educating people about the financial markets. In fact, I used to write a column to help people understand finance. However, I could not continue it but this was something I always wanted to do. Since I am working independently now, I thought of resuming it.

Initially, when I started this book, I had investors in my mind as the target audience. However, I realized that many distributors want to upgrade their knowledge on financial markets. Hence, I incorporated topics that will also help financial advisors learn nuances of financial markets.

I can say my idea was to create an encyclopaedia for everybody seeking financial knowledge be it investors, advisors and students. I am sure this book resolves all queries related to financial markets.

How is your book ‘Investment – Art or Science’ different?

Many books I come across focus only on 3-4 aspects. However, this book will give you 360-degree perspective of markets. Right from financial products such as equity and mutual funds to regulations and tax laws such as FEMA guidelines and grandfathering clauses, this book covers topics critical to financial markets.

Why should advisors pick your book?

Earlier, there were not many books to give you first-hand knowledge about financial markets. Even today, most books help you with very few financial concepts. However, this book throws light on different topics such as basics of investments, structure of markets in India, foreign exchange and financial derivate markets. It also explains to you different aspects of financial planning.

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Vikas khera · 2 months ago
Need a copy of this book
Sasanka Sekhar Nundy · 2 months ago
I am interested to have that book, please let me know the price and how can I have the same.
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