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An additional Tax Advantage
Under Section 80CCF, investor gets additional benefit
by Yogita Loke Feb 14, 2011
Calculation of trail commission
The trail commission varies between 0.25 per cent to 0.75 per cent p.a. for an equity scheme
by Yogita Loke Jan 17, 2011
Nomination for trail commission
The nominee has to be an ARN holder in order to be eligible for brokerage
by Ravi Samalad Dec 20, 2010
KYD compliance is a must
Trail will not be paid unless you are fully compliant
by Ravi Samalad Dec 20, 2010
KYD documents
The duplicate copy of KYD acknowledgement provided by CAMS has to be sent to AMCs
by Ravi Samalad Dec 19, 2010
CFP boosts your career
IFAs can take up this course in order take their professional knowledge to the next level
by Ravi Samalad Dec 19, 2010