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Business Development This is how I plan to grow in FY17-18

This is how I plan to grow in FY17-18

Read on to find out how these IFAs plan to grow their business in the new financial year.
Daya R Apr 12, 2017

Shifali Satsangee, FundsVedaa

Our action plan for the new financial year are in terms of setting up better and robust back end processes, raising the bar in terms of our service levels and the skills we bring to the table to our clients, to enhance their experience with us.

We plan to build up efficiency and scale up operations by gravitating more towards leveraging technology. Technology is an enabler and can help in blurring geographical boundaries and in scaling up operations. We are considering migrating slowly towards the online transaction platforms due to its cost effectiveness and ease of transacting.

We have plans underway to make our website a mobile responsive one and by creating a user-friendly mobile app for a seamless client experience.

Suresh Sadagopan, Ladder7

We plan to shift our operations completely towards direct plans this year. Though we have been moving gradually towards this day, this is the year we will be implementing a ‘100% direct plan only’ set up.

We are also looking at getting a custom-made comprehensive software for our company. Right now, there is a lot of duplication of efforts because we are using multiple softwares, but this year we are planning to commission a software developer to set up a single software that will meet all our needs, from maintaining client database to fund selection.

We also plan to introduce a dashboard that which will be accessible to the client directly on our website. The dashboard will have the complete portfolio of the client along with all the actions we have taken. This will enhance the client experience, while ensuring the client has all the data on his fingertips.

This year we also plan to increase the video content on both our website and our YouTube channel. This way most of the topics I talk to with the client will be available for them at their convenience.

Amit Vidwans, Chaitanya Financial Consultancy

We are planning to expand our business beyond Mumbai and reach out to the districts. In fact, we are planning to set up an office in Aurangabad. As a part of the expansion plan, we are conducting awareness programs in various parts of Maharashtra including Konkan, Aurangabad and Pune.  We also plan to utilize the online platforms to do all the transactions, which will save us time.

This year we also plan to reach out to parents with special children and help them in their financial planning. We are approaching various help groups and conducting IAPs for them. We feel that such families need more financial planning than regular families and they will benefit from our services.

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