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Business Development What is your morning ritual?

What is your morning ritual?

They say that what you do in the morning sets the day. Read on find out what do top advisors do every morning.
Padmaja Choudhury Dec 20, 2017

Shifali Satsangee, Funds Ved'aa

As we are Satsangee, we have the tradition of community farming. We believe in self-sufficiency and giving back more to Mother Nature than we take. Hence, every morning, I along with my family members work in the field. We do completely organic farming and harvest crops according to the weather. Currently, we are cultivating peanuts and potatoes. Most mornings, I work for two hours in the community field.

Working in the field has a therapeutic effect. It doubles up as an exercise and refreshes one’s mind. It helps me to remain grounded and this activity makes me realise that there is nothing like rich work or poor work. It teaches me the dignity of labour.

After this, I get ready for work or send the kids to school.

Vishal Dhawan, ‎Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors

I do yoga every morning. I practise yoga for an hour every day. It helps me to remain calm and balanced throughout the day. We typically have the tendency to get caught up in our problems. Yoga helps to declutter my mind and keep me calm. It helps me in the roles that I play including that of a business owner, financial planner and manager.  I am able to take better decisions because of my yoga practice.   

Gajendra Kothari, Etica Wealth

I do not touch my phone while I am at home. Checking out news on the phone is distracting as many unnecessary things keeping popping up on the screen. I get three newspapers, two business dailies and one national daily. As I am in the financial world, it is imperative that I am up to date with the events taking place in the financial world.

Reading a national daily is also equally important as it keeps me updated with the current events and politics. Knowledge about such events is useful when we have to strike a conversation with people.

Reading newspaper helps me to widen my outlook, enrich my knowledge and understand various viewpoints. I typically go through the important news and headlines. It takes me about half an hour to go through all three newspapers.  


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