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Business Development What is the appropriate dress code for financial advisors?

What is the appropriate dress code for financial advisors?

Read on to know how to dress up while meeting a client.
Kanika Bhargav Jan 1, 2018

As an advisor, you spend a lot of time with clients. And dressing up right can help you leave a positive impression on your clients. After all, the way you dress is a direct reflection of you and your abilities, so the clothes you choose should project a professional image that cues competence, success and integrity to your clients.

Here are some tips on dressing well:

For Men - as an IFA, no matter how your client dresses up, you should always be dressed professionally. However, it is important to maintain the fine line between dressing up and overdressing. So, avoid fancy ties, mismatched shirts and trousers, loud colored blazers while meeting a client.

Also, the colors you choose to wear also play a huge role in someone’s first impression of you. Paresh Shah of Shah Wealth Creators, says, "I usually wear navy and dark blue while meeting a client as it gives a vibe of friendliness and represents trust and loyalty".

Here is the dress code for different occasions:



Collar tee shirts, jeans

Smart Casual

Collar shirts, jackets and blazers are optional

Business Casual

In general, business casual for dinner almost always means wear a suit.

General Business Attire

Suits and ties. Suits may have different colored pants.  Tie required.

Corporate Professional

Dark colored suit


For Women  -Female advisors have a bit more flexibility in how they dress, but the basic concept is much the same. Skirts and business suits should be elegant and the length should always be appropriate for professional office wear.. A good rule is to wear an outfit such as a fitted pencil skirt with a flowy button-up top, or an outfit with flowing dress pants and a fitted button-up top. Fitted blazers are always a good option.

For makeup, less is more. Your hairstyle can be as simple as you like, but the only requirement you have is to keep it off your face.

Shifali Satsangee, Funds Vedaa, says, "I prefer wearing clothes that are smart, professional and comfortable. A female advisor should never dress inappropriately. The key is not to be over dressed nor under dressed. My perfect choice for business casual meetings is a nice smart trouser, top and a blazer. For conferences, I prefer saree or a nice western dress."


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