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Business Development Five tips for an effective presentation to clients

Five tips for an effective presentation to clients

These tips will ensure that your clients listen to what you have to say.
Kanika Bhargav Jan 29, 2018

Financial advisors who deliver powerful presentations stand out from the crowd. What is their secret? Here are a few power tips that will help pack a punch in your next presentation.

  • Stories keep a client engaged: People respond to stories better than data and figures. Not many clients understand how to gauge the risk they want to take – so turn it into a story. Engage the audience in a risk/reward situation not linked to investing and give them three options as to where to position themselves. This type of approach works well with clients and in larger presentations.
  • Always try to KISS: Keep it short and simple (KISS). Most financial advisors get over-enthusiastic and cover all points at once, stretching the presentation to two hours even. Your clients cannot take it all at once. You have to be selective about what you want to talk about, and present it in sharp and succinct nuggets.

Ideally, a presentation should last for an hour, covering 3 broad points, and giving key takeaways. Focus on simplifying a complex topic or discuss a few simple topics.

  • Practice breeds confidence:  If you are confident in your presentation, your clients will have confidence in you. Practice making the presentation in private several times until you have developed spontaneity. This will put you at ease and help you project confidence once you are facing the clients. You will discover you have stopped fumbling or groping for words.
  • Arrange for a discussion: The best way to engage with your audience is to ask questions and give them time for discussion. It is always good to open the floor for comments, questions and suggestions for improvement. Such an interaction holds the attention of the clients.
  • There is magic in silence: Take a small pause while you deliver the presentation. Presentations are supposed to involve talking, so when there is silence, it throws audiences off. They realise that no one is talking and it causes them to re-focus on you. This helps regain the attention of your audiences.


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