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Business Development Ideas to keep your social media profile fresh and engaging

Ideas to keep your social media profile fresh and engaging

Confused about what to post on your social media page? Read on for some refreshing ideas.
Kanika Bhargav Feb 27, 2018

For a financial advisor, social media is an effective marketing tool that can help you attract and retain clients.

However, many of you may be confused about how to keep your social media profile fresh and engaging. Here are a few ideas that will help you build an effective online presence:

1.Ask questions: People love to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Make your social media page more interactive by asking questions to your clients through opinion polls.  For example, you may ask simple questions such as ‘how was the budget 2018 for you or has demonetisation helped bring back the black money?’

2.Brand building:

  • Share company’s insight: You can build your brand by giving insights on the achievement of your company.  Share something new that is happening in your business to make your clients feel they are part of your business. Give information about your team, your recent achievements, your goals or vision for the coming years, and so on. Doing this will help you stand out, and your clients will feel more connected.
  • Writing blogs: The perfect way to position yourself as an expert is to write a blog. This can be a key determinant in a prospective client’s decision to contact you. Make your blogs engaging, entertaining, and informative. Make sure to write blogs on topical issues, like impact of the budget, or address concerns like how to buy a home without EMI.
  • Share testimonials: Ask your existing clients to give testimonials about your services. Post these testimonials on social media with a photograph of the client’s family.

3.Create your own video: Be creative and make a 2-3 minute video for your clients on interesting topics like ‘2 tips on how to save tax’ or ‘ Tips on how to start investing’. You can shoot these videos on your smart phone. If you are not comfortable sharing videos, you can share infographics on statistics, on facts and figures.

4.Remember to acknowledge your clients: Make sure to appreciate your followers who regularly like and share your posts. Mention them in posts and thank them for their continual support.

5.Look for specific days: You must have noticed that a great many days in the year are dedicated to something or the other. So do a google search and make a post. For instance, if it’s yoga day, ask your clients if they did asanas and pranayam in the morning? Or if it is walking day, ask if they walked to work today? This is a creative yet unique way to make your page more alive and engaging.





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