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Business Development Tips on how to speak to a prospect over the phone

Tips on how to speak to a prospect over the phone

Read on to find out how you can convert your prospects into clients through a phone call.
Kanika Bhargav Mar 15, 2018

A phone conversation can be tricky because striking the right balance is crucial. You need to come across as courteous, confident, and not too eager or pushy. By mastering the art of speaking over the phone, advisors can form a long-term bond with their clients. Here are a few tips to make a good impression over the phone:

  • Call during non-peak hours

If your client is a business owner or an executive, try calling him/her late evening. Calling during non-peak hours, will earn you the respect of those you are trying to reach. Avoid calling them during the lunch hour or dinner time.

  • Ask for their time

Use sentences like, ‘Is this a right time to talk?’ or ‘Did I reach you at a good time’. If a prospect says he or she is busy, then ask for a good time.If it seems that they are not interested, you need not waste time on them.

  • Keep a friendly tone

Keep your voice calm, clear and even at all time. Show verbal respect and do not get angry, even if the client is rude to you. Also, smile on the phone as it helps your tone sound friendly and helpful.

Do not chew, eat, or drink while speaking with a client on the phone. Be aware of the background noise on your side too.

  • Choose your words carefully

Be friendly, but not over friendly, over the phone. Use correct grammar, speak in complete sentences, and be as brief as possible. Avoid using jargon, slang, cuss words or meaningless words like um, damn or hell. These seem offensive and do not help you to exude confidence. Use of such words also takes away your credibility.

  • Introduce yourself

Greet the customer and introduce yourself and the company. It is a good idea to do this first instead of telling them straight away the reason for your call.

Also, listen to them carefully so that they do not have to repeat themselves. Also, after you ask a question, wait for the person to finish answering you before you respond. Do not interrupt them.

  • Be prepared

Write down a script before making a call. Your script must include your introduction, the reason of the call, how to handle objections and qualify the prospect. This will give your call an anchor and show that you are well prepared and help you go with the flow. Also, do background research of the client by going through their social media page.

  • Set an appointment

Directly asking for the appointment shows that you respect their time. So, instead of wasting time on selling the product over the phone, make sure you ask them for an appointment. Instead of asking ‘When would you like to meet?’ ask: ‘Can we make it on Friday at 2.00 pm?’ (or whatever time and day you prefer). Asking to meet on a specific day and time shows commitment.

  • Thank them and close

Remember to close your conversation with a professional touch. You can do so by thanking the prospect for giving you the time. A sincere ‘Thank you’ or ‘A Good day’ shows courtesy and appreciation.

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Bharat · 6 months ago
Well put. All should follow these points at all times.
Jerry · 6 months ago
Well said on the topic of courtesy over the phone while taking appointments. Specially liked the idea of preparing the script before calling .
Vinod Kr. Sain · 6 months ago
Excellent Tips/guidance.
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