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Events Top US Business Coach, Maria Marsala to speak at CIFA 2018

Top US Business Coach, Maria Marsala to speak at CIFA 2018

US-based business coach will travel halfway around the world to bring strategies for change management, niching, and target marketing to Indian financial advisors at Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) 2018 conference.
Team Cafemutual Feb 5, 2018

Internationally acclaimed financial advisor coach, Maria Marsala will deliver the keynote address at the 5th Annual Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) 2018 conference to be held on February 23 in Sahara Star, Mumbai. 

Named one of the Top 30 International Coaching Gurus in 2011 by Coaching Gurus International, Maria Marsala is a founder of ‘Elevating Your Business’. She is an internationally known author and speaker who works with financial professionals to grow their firms, maximize profits, and increase free time.  Marsala is a graduate of Coach U, a founding member of Coachville, and a former Wall Street executive.  In 2017, Feedspot named her blog in the Top 100 for Financial Advisors.

Marsala’s keynote entitled ‘Profiting from Change: How to Manage Your Mindset and Overcome Overwhelm’ at CIFA 2018 focuses on the importance of embracing change to better serve clients and efficiently grow a financial firm. 

She will also conduct an interactive workshop in Bangalore—exclusively for top advisors—to help them identify their ideal clients and gain marketing efficiencies by niching.  In recent months, Marsala has delivered similar talks in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

“I am thrilled to be sharing these concepts and solutions with financial advisors in India.  In preparing for the conference, I’ve already learned much about the Indian market.  I’m excited to learn more while in Mumbai, the financial capital of India and Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India,” Marsala said.

“Independent financial advisors in India are facing technology changes, new and sometimes uncertain regulations, and savvy investors,” Marsala says.  The financial industry in India has been pushing hard to use available technology for only three years, compared to ten years in the United States.  “While the US may be ahead in some areas - like implementation of technology, Indian financial advisors can look at our example, avoid making the same mistakes, and leap ahead,” she adds.

Anita Sutrave, Chief Business Officer, Cafemutual says, “The most important goal of this event is to provide actionable tips to help advisors grow their businesses—and Maria does precisely that. She has a deep understanding of an advisor’s business and can really liven up the audience with her sharp wit and insights.  Maria has helped thousands of advisors take their businesses to the next level, which makes her an ideal speaker for us.”

With the theme - Let’s Talk Business, the event promises to present innovative concepts and powerful ideas on business growth and strategies to help you prepare for a better future.

Over 600 IFAs all over the country are expected to gather at this event to learn, get inspired and network.

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