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Tarraki Corner Overcoming challenges: How Gaurav Mashruwala defeated cancer

Overcoming challenges: How Gaurav Mashruwala defeated cancer

I cried when I thought I had to leave behind my family, says Mumbai-based Gaurav Mashruwala.
Team Cafemutual Nov 20, 2017

I started my advisory practice in 2000 and built a loyal client base. I started writing a column on personal finance in Times of India.  Everything was going well until my doctor told me I had cancer in 2008.

Since my mother was undergoing cancer treatment, we were already distressed. When I told my family about my cancer, I could not help crying.

There were so many loose ends to tie up. I had to think of a way to ensure that my family did not suffer financially in my absence. I also did not want my column to stop. I had accepted that I had cancer, but I was not going to let the disease defeat me.

Two days after the diagnosis, the ulcer in my mouth was surgically removed. I recovered quickly and life returned to normal. Little did I know this was just the beginning. A few months later, they found cancer in the lymph nodes in my neck.

This time, I also needed radiation therapy, which is very hard on a patient with oral cancer. Indeed, the radiation was worse than they had cautioned. During the last two weeks of this therapy, I had to stay home. A sticky fluid kept oozing out of my mouth, and I could not sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. Drinking water made my mouth burn.

I turned to ayurveda to help cope with the after effects of radiation. I also started practicing yoga. I decided I was not going to let cancer overwhelm me. That is when cancer threw a curveball. In January 2012, my oncologist discovered a minute scratch on my tongue. The result? 30% of my tongue had to be surgically removed, so that I could retain my ability to speak.

Now, I am cancer free. If the disease strikes again, I might be unhappy, but having already suffered this much, I will just take it head on.

I lead a cancer free life. I work, write columns and appear on TV shows. In fact, I started ‘Money Makeover with Gaurav Mashruwala’, a financial literacy channel on YouTube. The single biggest learning from my experience is that cancer is just a disease, treat it as one and do not let it overwhelm you.

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ajay Gupta · 10 months ago
Hi Gaurav,
One has been reading your columns for years and you have been a torch bearer in the advisory space.Never for one realised that you were battling cancer .No wonder you came out strong.Keep writing and keep motivating .Best wishes.
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Thank you for kind words. God is always kind to us. We need to trust in him
Ramesh Bhat K · 10 months ago
Gaurav Bhaiyaa,

Cheers to your Positive thinking.

We and our Prayers are always with you. Keep Guiding us and God will be with you ever to protect you. God Bless
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Prayers of well wishers like you which keeps me going. Thank you so much
Hi Gaurav,
Proud of you my dear friend. You are a true source of inspiration and motivation for each one of us. Hats off to you.
God bless dear and get well soon
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Thank you very much. I am blessed to have prayers from well wishers like you.
AJAY MALHOTRA · 10 months ago
gaurav Ji,Its really a great comeback and your story is an inspiration to all who are battling this dreadful disease.Thanks for sharing your story with us.
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
All is Grace of God
Chetan Sharma · 10 months ago
An Inspiration to many....Keep your good work Sir.....Do Take Care of yourself.......
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Thank you very much.
surajit misra · 10 months ago
Hi Gaurav; True fighter.. I salute your spirit. if you remember; we have sat together in studios for Pre Budget discussion Shows, but; never for moment realized that you are battling cancer. Inspired by your spirit.. God bless and be a beacon to the society.
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Thank you for your kind words.
Integrated Money Matters Pvt. Ltd. · 10 months ago
Preserving your positive attitude matters; that's the message received !
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Thank you. Trust in God
Rajesh Gajra · 10 months ago
Hi Gaurav, your positivity is amazing! Learnt a lot from you on concepts and today also learned about how you have shown that through positive thinking one can manage a health crisis as well. Bright blessings of our universe, Rajesh
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
God is kind to all of us. I am blessed to have individuals like you in life who have stood with me and played role in my life.
Shifali Satsangee · 10 months ago
You have inspired many by your talks and now the positivity you exude would keep inspiring us. Huge respect for you Sir.
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
God bless you. Thank you for kind words.
Sachin J Sangle · 10 months ago
Sir, hats off to your positive thinking and fighting spirit.
Gaurav Mashruwala · 9 months ago
Grace of God and well wishes for friends like you keeps me going.
GOWRISHANKAR K N · 9 months ago
Hi Gauvrav Bhaiyya,
I am an ardent follower of your various writeups in various columns in the Financial Newspapers of the yester years. Being a banker myself who belonged to the 80s era and retired 6 years back, I was a fan of your various talks given by you at various Cities including Bangalore. Very recently I also saw a book of yours titled Yogic Wealth or something like that and admired the spiritual content of economic wealth. I am now shell-shocked to learn that you are being treated for malignancy. We your ardent followers owe a lot to you. The least that I can do for you is pray for your good health. It will be a special prayer with my Master. I am confident that you will recover completely and you will be hale and healthy to come down to Bangalore to advise our fraternity. God Bless You and your Family.
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