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Tarraki Corner Even cerebral palsy could not stop Amit Thakker from becoming a successful IFA

Even cerebral palsy could not stop Amit Thakker from becoming a successful IFA

Financial advisory has helped a differently abled person lead an independent life.
Team Cafemutual Dec 2, 2017

Since birth, I have faced severe difficulty in communicating due to cerebral palsy.

To help me improve my communication, my father Bhupendra Thakker took me to a prominent speech therapist. The therapy helped me communicate better with people.

There are not many opportunities for differently able people like us. However, I have always wanted to be independent and do something on my own. In order to do that, I first joined a computer-learning program at Spastic Society of India. Later, I got an opportunity to work as a management trainee with Spastic Society where I was given the task of mobilizing advertisements for the in-house magazine. Among all the management trainees, I generated the highest advertisement revenue for the magazine. Impressed by my selling skills, my manager encouraged me to become an LIC agent. That was the start of my career in the financial world. To widen my product offerings, I took up mutual fund distribution, starting with UTI.

I completed my graduation after I became an advisor. I also took up various certification courses in taxation, estate planning and personal finance to cater to the needs of my clients. Now, I have AUA of Rs.60 crore.

The financial advisory is the only profession that a differently able person could do and earn respect.

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PALLAV AGARWAL · 9 months ago
Very inspiring.......all the very best in life Amit ji !!!
Radhakrishna Rao · 9 months ago
Best Wishes To Amit Thakkar!!
Chetan Sharma · 9 months ago
Very Inspiring.....
R Mathivanan · 9 months ago
Congratulations Mr Amit Thakkar for achieving this level. Wish him all the very best in his future endeavour . He will surpass AUM of Rs.500 Cr within a span of next 4 years.

Good Luck .
Praveen R K · 9 months ago
Congrats sir. Very inspiring Life Story. All the very best.
Shifali Satsangee · 9 months ago
Amit, you inspire many. Keep up the good work and wish you much success in your future endeavors.
Debabrata · 9 months ago
Amit jee, U r the pride of IFA fraternity. Carry on.
Sunil B. Kapadia · 9 months ago
Great achievements dear Amit. I am the Witness for your entire life's journey (right from your
school days). Your determination and sales/persuasive skills are your asset. Many can learn from you - how to have fighting spirit, yet live a respectable position in society. My best wishes for your MF AUM to be in excess of Rs.200 crores in coming few years. Good luck !!
MUKESH DUNGARIA · 9 months ago
Mr. Amit Thakker, whom I know since last 20 years in mutual Fund Industry,he is handicapped, Amit has proved, after taking agency with great difficulty and having more than 40 Crores of AUM, its a great achievement,Being Handicapped is not an obstacle, we may encourage handicapped people to make career in Mutual fund business.
satish minocha · 9 months ago
Amit Ji Great
Vishal Rochlani · 9 months ago
Very inspiring Mr. Amit Thakker. Congrats on your achievements.
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