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Tarraki Corner ‘Life has taught me to never give up’

‘Life has taught me to never give up’

Cancer could not deter Mumbai-based Rajinder Pal Singh Anand from leading a successful life.
Team Cafemutual Jan 1, 2018

Prior to my advisory journey, I used to run an automobile business. In 1987, I came to know that I had a cancer. The cancer had affected my knee restricting movement of my lower body.

I could not go back to my automobile business as it involved strenuous physical work. One of my friends advised me to become an investment consultant. So, in 1992, I started distribution of company fixed deposits and later other financial products such as insurance and mutual funds. I started my office in my garage.  Since my office is in a prime location, I started getting queries from walk in customers. Many of them became my clients. Later, my client base started growing through word of mouth.

Dealing with cancer and facing thoughts of death is a life-changing event for most people. For me, it was a time to minimize regrets and make new priorities.

I decided to accept this phase and start afresh. Life has indeed taught to me never give up. You should not let your disease decide what you do. Professionally, I have learnt that advisors should give priority to the needs of their clients. We should not recommend funds offering attractive commissions.


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amit bhupendra thakker · 8 months ago
Mr pal
kept it up well done go ahead ALL THE BEST
R Mathivanan · 8 months ago
Mr Pal's story is an inspiration for us. Despite his health conditions, he has determined to become a successful financial advisor. His professional approach is highly commendable. Wish him all the very best.
ideaSIP · 8 months ago
Mr Pal all the best to achieve all your DREAMS....!!!
Mayor dustakar · 8 months ago
Mr.pal keep the good work to have started . My best wishes are with you. Remember God helps those, who help themselves .
ANIL Kumar · 8 months ago
Mr.PAL wish you Happy New year & All the Best.
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