Tarraki Corner IFA Devdatta Dhanokar gives investing lessons in Marathi

IFA Devdatta Dhanokar gives investing lessons in Marathi

In his book ‘Mutual Fund Guntavnuk Gurumantra’, Devdatta Dhanokar sets out the rules of successfully mutual fund investing.
Shreeta Rege Jan 23, 2019

Mumbai IFA Devdatta Dhanokar aims to educate investors about how they can achieve their financial goals through mutual funds in his book ‘Mutual Fund Guntavnuk Gurumantra’.

The author is a CFP and mutual fund advisor with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Written in Marathi, the book explains the key mutual fund and investment related concepts. The author’s experience as a financial columnist comes in handy here as the book has been written in a simple and lucid manner.

Devdatta divides the book in different sections covering:

  • Basic investment and mutual funds concepts
  • Busts common mutual fund related myths
  • Features of different schemes
  • Compares direct equity investments, bank FD v/s mutual funds
  • Goal based investing

Understanding that risk plays an important role in making investment decisions, the author shares various tips like investing over long term through SIP or STP to mitigate risk.

In his book, Devdatta also shares how investors can become a crorepati. The author assumes that the investor wants to accumulate Rs. 1 crore in today’s terms (present value). Owing to inflation this would translate into a target amount of Rs. 1.97 crore in 10 years.

The author compares returns from equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds and bank FDs to arrive at investment amount required to accumulate 1.97 crore in 10 years. Readers can easily make out that they will have to contribute a lesser amount in equity funds compared to bank FDs to become a crorepati.

The book encourages investors to become financially literate to make better investment decision. At the same time, the author observes that at times investors delay investing as they are unable to select a scheme. He encourages investors to approach an advisor for guidance and benefit from his expertise.

Most of the mutual fund literature is in English. Advisors can share this book with their Marathi clients as a ready-reckoner for mutual fund investing. 



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Pallav · 2 months ago
Excellent work.
kamalkishor verma · 2 months ago
S U PAPDIWAL · 2 months ago
Pl share MB no of Devdatta Dhankar or mail I D
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