Tarraki Corner Ahmedabad IFA Milind Shah to launch a common platform for IFAs

Ahmedabad IFA Milind Shah to launch a common platform for IFAs

One nation one brand for mutual fund distributors: Chalo Niveshak
Nishant Patnaik Jan 14, 2019

Ahmedabad IFA Milind Shah of Swadeshi Money who is popularly known as MoneyBhai is all set to launch a common platform for IFAs, Chalo Niveshak on January 16.

Terming the platform as ‘one nation on brand for mutual fund distributors’, Milind says that Chalo Niveshak aims to promote IFA community across the country and generate online leads for them.

The key feature of this platform is client acquisition. Investors who visit Chalo Niveshak to consume educational videos, infographics and articles will have to necessarily key in their name, phone number and pin code. Distributors have to pay an annual fee of RS. 2990 per pin code to access these leads. Each distributor can apply for up to two pin codes.

Also, the platform would run a nationwide campaign across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and Telegram to highlight the need for expert financial advice and create awareness about mutual funds.

Other key benefits of becoming a member of Chalo Niveshak

  • Be a brand ambassador for Chalo Niveshak in your area
  • Run co-branding marketing activities by using promotional contents and creatives of Chalo Niveshak
  • Avail discounts on products and services required for business growth through vendor tie up
  • Conduct IAPs

In future, the platform would provide access to toll free numbers for investors and print marketing materials for promotion of distribution business.

Shah believes that the platform would reduce marketing cost for IFAs. He said, “Today if a distributor wants to buy a series of educational videos or visual creatives for social media activities, he will have to spend close to Rs.10,000. But through Chalo Niveshak, he can access all these facilities at a membership cost. Also, if he wants to buy a good software, it would cost him close between Rs.20,000 and Rs.60,000. However, Chalo Niveshak helps him get a good deal through a group discount.”

Incidentally, Milind told Cafemutual that he got inspiration to create this platform from Nilesh Shah, MD & CEO, Kotak Mutual Fund who spoke at Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) event on ‘Amulization of IFAs’. Shah urged IFAs to get together to create a common platform to promote distribution community among people for their collective benefit.

Who can become a member of Chalo Niveshak?

  • Active distributors who are fulltime into this business
  • Distributors having a website, professional email ID and Google profile
  • Distributors active on social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter
  • Distributors using online transaction platform


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Samir Desai · 3 months ago
Proud to be associated with Chalo Niveshak.

Ek ahesas ho raha hai ki HUM BHI KUCH KAM NAHI.

First time ever sincere efforts for IFAs to be look as professional career.
ASHISH JAIPURIA · 3 months ago
Please let me know how to get enrolled in chalo niveshak
Rushabh Malvaniya · 3 months ago
Good initiative by Moneybhai, request to all IFA pls joint this platform and take maximum benefit to this new initiative. Also get good business lead from your area........
Hitesh dad · 3 months ago
Proud to be part of this team .... Thanks to milind bhai for this effort
Rajesh Minocha · 3 months ago
Proud to be associated as a Gold member with Chalo Niveshak. Wishing all the best to this great initiative.
Abhyuday Pankaj · 3 months ago
Congratulations Milind Sir
Proud to be a part of Chalo Niveshak
Ramesh Notani · 3 months ago
Proud to be associated of this team as a gold member wishing all the best and thanks to Milind bhai for this effort
Bhavesh Modi · 3 months ago
proud of milind sir congratulation
Payal Sanghavi · 3 months ago
Excellent thought & execution Moneybhai. I am sure this step will take us all IFAs to next level of business... it’s Revolution in years to comd
nikhil girme · 3 months ago
DB DESAI · 3 months ago
Many times suggested similar idea in this platform and several other places and today I see someone starting action. Great idea , Great effort and will reach Great Success too. Please keep it open for receiving suggestions from fellow IFAs.
Alok Kumar Srivastava · 3 months ago
Very nice and creative job by Millind Shah.I want to be a part of this team.
RUPESH KUMAR · 3 months ago
Congratulations and Proud to be associated with CHALO NIVESHAK as a gold partner.
Thanks Milind Bhai
ROHIT KUMAR SAHU · 3 months ago
gopi krishna · 3 months ago
very aggressive step
NILESH KINGE · 3 months ago
Great sir. How to become member MoneyBhai?
Suriyanarayanan · 3 months ago
I am full time distributor
I wAnt to join sir
My phone number 7667132233
Please send me link and other details to make payment
A Suriyanarayanan
Pradip Agarwal · 3 months ago
Now time to guide investor , advisor jaruri hai..... Chalo nivesak
Suriyanarayanan · 3 months ago
I am full time distributor
I wAnt to join sir
My phone number 7667132233
Please send me link and other details to make payment
A Suriyanarayanan
Ganesh nawale · 3 months ago
I want to rejister
OVISHEK CHOWDHURY · 3 months ago
Thank You Sir for such an initiative. Count me in.
Ovishek Chowdhury, Siliguri, West Bengal.
Thanks Milind bhai,
Great creation we are looking for such a platform since long time , good
Rakesh Bansal · 3 months ago
Great Initiative
Vikas Gupta · 3 months ago
Very good initiative.
chalo niveshak · 3 months ago
thanx every one for appriciating the idea, lets grow can connect us on 8866993636 and at our email

thanx and regards
team Chalo Niveshak
C V RAMANA · 3 months ago
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