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Business Development Filmy gyaan for advisors

Filmy gyaan for advisors

These four Bollywood movies are must watch for all advisors.
Daya Ragunathan Oct 16, 2017

If Bollywood reflects all things desi then these four movies reflect all things advisory. Their stories contain several   real lessons for advisors who want to take their practice to the next level.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year


In this movie, Harpreet Singh (Ranbir Kapoor) joins a computer sales and services company as a salesman. Soon he realizes that the company is resorting to unethical practices to earn money. He leaves his job to start on his own. His company becomes very popular because of Singh’s determination to stick to ethical practices and moral code. Towards the end of the movie, Singh’s previous company buys his in a hostile takeover and fires him and his team. The new owners soon find that Singh and his friends have set such a high standard of client servicing and offers to re-employ Singh and his team.

The movie is a brilliant illustration of how a start-up with limited means can succeed and take on established players by sticking to principles -doing the right thing by clients, delivering value to clients, being there for them 24/7, and most importantly, empowering and motivating the team.

3 Idiots


‘Follow your heart’s desire, be relentless in your pursuit of excellence and success will be yours’ is the core message of this hugely entertaining movie. It also highlights the futility of mindlessly chasing outcomes (grades/marks, wealth, success) without appreciating the process.

This movie revolves around the journey of three friends who  follow their passion. The protagonist becomes a world-famous scientist, even though he does not have an engineering degree.



Iqbal is the story of a mute and deaf boy from a small village who makes it to the Indian cricket team. Just like Iqbal, advisors must invest in their dream and be persistent. There are two important themes in the movie. First is the role played by Iqbal’s sister who plays a major role in motivating him. Similarly, advisors must also have people around them who will help them in areas they are not familiar with. For example, if technology is not your strong point, it is better to have someone who is good at it by your side, when you plan on implementing technology.

Second, Iqbal’s true strength lies in his coach who believes in him.. Similarly, advisors must also have staff who they can trust. The staff must share the same principles and beliefs as the advisor. Only then, can you work as a team and achieve success.


Band Baaja Baraat


The movie is about two college graduates who team up to become wedding planners. Though the storyline of the movie is a love story, there are many lessons for advisors.

When the two main protagonists start their business, they first reach small ticket clients. They soon gain popularity in this segment, because of their ability to customize services. When they expand their client base to HNIs they continue to give the same importance to small ticket weddings, which goes a long way in increasing their popularity.

There are two main lessons for advisors in this movie. First, always understand your client’s needs and tailor your advice to suit them. Second, clients are important, no matter what their ticket size is.

Which is the movie that inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.


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Prakash C Yalavatti · 11 months ago
Thanks for the positive message narration- about our Hindi movies.

I did learn from the latest movie Newton (film)-(Hindi) - the character (government clerk) -who tires to educate villagers about the election - voting.
I still meet investors who have been investing since 10 years - who believes low NAV is the best to invest and they are not aware where their amount is invested.
When I meet new/existing investors - Firstly I educate them and next step is -advise- to invest.
Neelam bhardwaj · 10 months ago
I am a new entrant in this line.

What fascinates me is its enormous potential to provides genuine help to people in managing their finances. I am certified yoga teacher too. I think my skills enable me to help persons maintaining holistic health physical, mental and financial health.

I am impressed by the first two movies I.e sticking to core principles whatever may be the circumstances and follow your passion and dreams.

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