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Business Development Hosting a client event: Part - II

Hosting a client event: Part - II

Here are a few tips that will help you host a client event efficiently.
Daya Ragunathan Dec 8, 2017

In the first part of this series, we discussed how to host a client event. In this part, we will look at qualitative aspects of hosting a client event.

While conducting an event even the smallest detail may have a huge impact on the overall output. These pointers by Flex Share, a US-based financial advisory firm will help you execute the event successfully.

Watch out for other industry events: Check if any major events falling on the date of your event. For example, if your event is on the same day as an India-Pakistan Cricket Match or a Cricket World Cup Final, it is better to choose a different date because many of your clients might not want to miss the match.

The social aspect: Memorable events have a social component. In fact, networking and connecting with industry influencers are significant reasons why people attend conferences. Encourage participants to connect with the host and other attendees using conference-specific hashtags on social media.

Market activities: Successful events take advantage of all communication channels to make an impactful impression. Timely topics and quality speakers are the foundation for a successful event. Publicize why the topic will benefit your audience. Be consistent with your message across all media and platforms. Remember to post the event on your website.

Incorporate a social media plan: Drive social networking around your event before, during and after it occurs. Consider giving your event a Twitter hashtag, posting on LinkedIn, and creating an app. Social networking features do more than advertise; you can create a community of your participants. These are virtual places where event goers can communicate, share photos or ideas and receive information about the event. These actions create greater visibility for your brand.

Prepping for event day: Set expectations carefully before the event starts. Read the audience during the event. Ask speakers to practice their presentations.

Imagine what might go wrong: Imagine the event, step-by-step, and make a two-column list: what could go wrong in one column and your contingency plan in the second. Prepare for the unexpected. Maybe the sound system fails. Maybe your keynote presenter is a no-show. Can you manage and pivot accordingly? Be ready to lend a hand to fill any gaps.

By keeping in mind these pointers, advisors can make their event memorable for their clients. Also, advisors must reach out to attendees for a post-event survey or questionnaire.


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sajeev · 10 months ago
valuable,points yet should be considered to ensure a event successfully
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