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Business Development Lessons advisors can learn from Scooby Doo

Lessons advisors can learn from Scooby Doo

Here are a few lessons from Scooby Doo
Kanika Bhargav Dec 22, 2017

Holiday season makes us all nostalgic. So, as holiday season is approaching, how about sitting back and enjoying a few episodes of Scooby Doo?

Here are few lessons that you can learn from Scooby Doo:

  • Use a formula that works for you- Scooby Doo series always stick to the exact same concept. Four friends –Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred and a talking dog, Scooby, drive around in the van and solve mysteries about monsters. Almost every episode ends with the culprit turning out to be the person they suspected last.

Scooby Doo developed a formula that viewers liked, so they stuck to it. Advisors should also follow the same rule. It could be a certain marketing strategy or a plan that you’ve learned works for you. So always stick to it. Whatever be the formula, implement it, as it can be the foundation stone for your firm’s success.

  • First impressions say a lot about who you are-In Scooby Doo, you almost always know who the culprit is within the first 5 minutes of the episode. It’s mostly the old man who gives them directions. That impression leaves a lasting mark on the viewers. In a similar way, the first impression you have on a client says a lot about you.

They could look at you and take a snap decision on whether you will be able to take care of their finances and help them in making money. So think about the questions they can ask, be prepared with your responses and make a good first impression.

  • Stay calm when things get scary- The gang always remains calm and carries out their mystery-solving business as usual. By stepping back and looking at the clues before them, they are able to unmask the culprit.

As an advisor, you should take time to analyze the situation and be calm no matter how the situation is but at the same time you should have your tools handy to deal with the situation. You should just need to know how to use them. Fred knows how to do this, and a forward-thinking advisor should too.

  • Upgrade your formula as time progresses- Since the original series premiered in 1969, Scooby Doo has seen 11 television reincarnations and 4 movie reincarnations. They know they have a formula that works, but they also know it’s worth updating as technology upgrades and fans move forward.

Advisors should update their format as well as time progresses– you don’t want your firm to be behind the times. You can do this by making big changes that make work easier for you and for your client. Make a change by using smart technology, going paperless, writing blogs, making reports for clients etc., as outdated technology can hinder your company’s growth.


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