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Business Development Ideal email marketing strategy for you

Ideal email marketing strategy for you

A white paper, published by Distribion, identified the following trends in email performance, based on content type and day of sending.
Team Cafemutual Mar 23, 2018

What makes a recipient read one email and delete another? For your email to get read, the message content needs to be engaging, accessible and relevant. Make a connection with your audience by providing the information they need in a way that speaks to them. Studies have found content that evokes an emotional response makes users more likely to spend time reading and share it with others.

Here are a few tips based on content type and day of sending. These have been suggested in a white paper Distribion, which you can include in your newsletter or whatsapp posts.

  • Monday: Light

To beat the Monday blues of your clients, send them content and motivational messages. They are easy to read, are share worthy and offer a light-weight display of content, which is exactly what most of your readers would prefer on a Monday. 

  • Tuesday: Medium

Tuesday to Thursday are considered the best days to generate response from emails/newsletter or whatsapp posts. To make the most of it include some research-based information and infographics in your Tuesday communication.

Wednesday: Heavy

A survey conducted by Mail Chimp on the best day to send mails, shows Wednesday is the second best day to have the highest number of open and click through rate after Tuesday and Thursday. For your Wednesday newsletter or post, include emails in rich media, such as videos or podcast by yourself. Additionally, you can even include links to your long blog post and presentations too.

  • Thursday: Medium

If you send two mails a week, choose Thursday as your second day. Send newsletters or posts on recent news and developments of your business and the mutual fund industry, thought leadership posts and how-to-videos.

  • Friday: Light

Send short content on Friday because by noon, people start shifting their focus to weekend plans. If you send some knowledge-based information, your clients might miss it as they are already getting into the weekend mode. Send some fun quotes and short content on Friday.

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