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Business Development Apps that should be on your smart phone

Apps that should be on your smart phone

There are numerous apps available today, but as a financial advisor, find out which are best for your business.
Kanika Bhargav Apr 20, 2018

In this digital era, there are many apps available that claim to make your work easy.  As an advisor, it is time that you put your smartphone or tablet to good use.

Here are a few apps that you should download right away.

LastPass (Password Manager)                    

As an advisor, you must have many passwords. Remembering all the passwords can be a hard task for many. One app that can help you with this is LastPass. Available both on IOS and android, it is a free application to remember all your passwords. You only need to remember one password – your LastPass master password.

LastPass stores a local copy of password data on each device and maintains a master copy in the cloud that keeps all of those local copies up to date.

Gajendra Kothari of Etica Wealth Management says that we have so many passwords to remember like banking, transaction platforms, AMCs website, and so on. “This app synchronises your password database between different devices you use – home PC, tablet, iPad, etc.  It makes the job easy by accessing all your passwords.”

Dropbox or Evernote (Cloud)

Do not want to carry your laptop for a client meeting. No problem. This app allows you to access files from any of your devices. As the name suggests, just drop your files onto a desktop icon and access them on your tablet, desktop computer or smartphone.

Similar to Dropbox, this app is designed for creating, organising and storing various media files. It allows you to store quotations, documents, legal briefs and other things with a single click.

Kothari believes the beauty of this app is that you do not have to worry if you forget your pendrive for client meetings, as your files get stored in cloud and you can access your documents anywhere, anytime.

Anand Doctor of Fincare feels such an app is very useful in maintaining clients’ documents. He says, “It is all-in-one tool that I use for note-taking, collecting information, keeping it all neatly organised and even collaborating with others.”

Todoist (Task Manager)

As a financial advisor, you must have a lot of tasks to do. This is where Todoist comes in handy. It is a free app that helps you keep track of everything – from simple tasks to most ambitious projects.

It helps boost productivity and organise tasks, set schedules and deadlines. Also, it works on multiple platforms and devices, including Windows, Android, Apple iOS, Mac and all leading web browsers.

Kothari says, “Todoist has become my digital brain for juggling the different aspects of my job. This makes the work feel so much simpler. Also, I use it to assign jobs to my other team members.”

Keynote (IOS) and Microsoft PowerPoint (android) (Presentation)

Giving presentations to clients is an important aspect of the advisory business.

Keynote in IOS helps you create a presentation with animated charts and transitions with a simple touch and tap. It has many features that make it easy for you to make the presentation to your client on the phone. Also, its one feature, real time collaboration, allows you to work with your whole team together.

Similarly, Microsoft PowerPoint is made for Android users to work on the go. In this free app you can write, create and view documents on devices.

DigiLocker (Personal document recorder)

An Android app designed by Government of India helps to store all your statutory documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, driving licence and other important documents in the cloud. The beauty of this app is that it reduces the physical need to carry all your important documents.  Kothari says, “This is one application that I recommend to my clients to install as well.”

Compoundee HD (Financial Calculator)

Compoundee HD is an app that every financial advisor should have on their smartphone. It is a multi-purpose app that can swiftly handle even the most complicated calculations. For example, quickly generate calculations for investments based on rates, deposit frequency, inflation and more.  It is available in IOS.

Microsoft OneNote (Notes)

Still using pen and paper for taking notes? Well, it is time to switch to app.

In this app you are not just restricted to typing in your notes. You can also record audio/video and even draw on the app. OneNote is available on IOS and Android.

Automatic voice recorder

An app available on Android that you can use to record a client’s call and later use it to take notes. Anand feels that this app comes in very handy. “When I am busy and cannot concentrate on the call, I use this app to record every phone conversation that is important so that I can listen to it later with the client's permission.”

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