Business Development Make your travel stress free!

Make your travel stress free!

How to ensure work does not interrupt your getaway…
Riya Lakhmani May 25, 2018

The whole point of going on vacation is to relax and rejuvenate, but what if you are constantly anxious about pending tasks? If you are constantly worried about ongoing projects then you might not end up having a vacation at all. For most of you, workdays are a blur of client meetings, new business acquisition and building your brand. A vacation is an ideal opportunity for you to leave work-related stress behind and recharge your batteries.

Team Cafemutual brings you a to-do-list which will help you have a work-free vacation.

Appoint a cover person

As soon as you plan a trip, appoint a person who can take over your responsibilities during that time.  Brief the person about every important activity that he/she would have to handle while you are away. Also, make sure that you introduce this person to key clients who might need your services during the period. 

Rajendra Satalakar, IFA, Director Acumen Wealth says, “I can leave work behind during my vacations because I have trained my key employees on all aspects of the business so that they take care of work when I am not around.”

Auto-Reply messages

Enable auto-reply email, which informs people trying to contact you that you will be unavailable. The email should also include contact details of a team member who can assist your clients on urgent matters.

Finish your pending tasks before leaving for the trip

A month before vacation, start closing incomplete assignments. Also review all the client related tasks that need to be executed in your absence. It is important to brief your team on how to go about client tasks so that they are not inconvenienced.

Tamanna Varma, Vinayaka Investment says, “I finish all my assignments before leaving. Though I have a team which looks after the work when I am not around, my clients are more comfortable with me.”

Meet your key clients

Personally meet or call them before leaving and inform them about your unavailability. Ask them if they need your help for anything urgent. In addition, inform them how to get in touch with you in case of an emergency.

Make a checklist

You should prioritise your work and create a checklist ranking tasks based on importance. This is how you can start tackling important tasks first. Ashish Lakhmani of Wealth Navigator ensures says, “I go through all my assignments and shortlist the ones that need attention when I am not around.”

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