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Business Development Five mobile apps that you should recommend to your clients

Five mobile apps that you should recommend to your clients

There are so many apps out there to make life less stressful. Some of these track monthly expenses, remember passwords and even remind you due dates of monthly bills.
Riya Lakhmani May 30, 2018

Today all of us are so used to looking at our phones every now and then. As financial advisors, you can add value to your services by recommending a few mobile apps that can ease your clients’ life by keeping a watch over their money and finances.

Cafemutual has drawn up a list of apps that you could recommend to your clients.

Managing and tracking expenses 

With mobile apps such as Wally and Mint, your clients can do their budgeting. Both apps help people keep track of their expenses. Right from setting up a financial goal to alerting your clients when they exceed the budget, these apps keep vigil on spending habits by giving 360-degree overview of finances.

Your password is safe

Whether your clients want to login to their Facebook account or transact money through mobile banking, they require a password. Remember each one of them can be quite a daunting task. 

Not anymore though. Mobile apps such as LastPass, Mint and Money View help can your clients sync all passwords. Your clients need to remember only one password, i.e. the master password. These apps store a local copy of password data on each device and maintain a master-copy in the cloud that keeps all of those local copies up-to-date and safe.

Hassle free transactions

Android apps like BHIM (launched by Government of India) and Google Tez can help your clients reduce their dependency on banks and ATMs to carry out day-to-day transactions. Your clients can link their bank accounts with these payment apps to pay bills, send money without adding recipient as beneficiary and avail real time settlement of transactions. In fact, your clients can get rewards everytime they transact through this app.

Your reminder is here!

Considering the hectic lifestyle, most of us forget the monthly dues and bills. Your clients can now easily avoid these inconveniences by installing apps such as Check and Debt Planner. These apps help your clients remember the due dates of bills, loans along with the facility of paying it through the application.

Keep your documents handy

Your client can store all statutory documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, driving licence and many other such documents with the help of Digilocker app launched by Government of India and Cam Scanner. The bother of carrying a physical copy of these documents can be eliminated. Your client can just click a picture of the documents and upload it in the app. It gets stored like a pdf in the cloud and these can be accessed easily from anywhere and everywhere.

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