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Business Development

Tips to keep your clients happy
Read to know how to make your clients content and happy
by Team Cafemutual Jun 13, 2018
Key to become more productive at work
Here is how you can manage time efficiently.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 10, 2018
Tips to help you acquire new clients
11 effective prospecting tips for advisors
by Kanika Bhargav Jun 8, 2018
What to say to clients in the first meeting
Here are some talking points to help create a brilliant first impression
by Kanika Bhargav Jun 5, 2018
How to get young professionals to invest
Read on to understand the challenges faced in advising young professionals and how to overcome them.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 4, 2018
What to do when your clients ask about direct mutual funds
Here is how advisors can encourage clients to continue with their services.
by Kanika Bhargav Jun 3, 2018
Nine steps to ensure better participation at IAPs
Read to find out how to draw people to your investor awareness event.
by Kanika Bhargav Jun 3, 2018
You got a referral as a compliment. Now what?
Read on to find out what to do when you receive a referral
by Kanika Bhargav Jun 1, 2018
Different strokes for different folks is the key to manage clients well
Manage your clients based on their assets and your relationship with them.
by Shreeta Rege May 31, 2018
Why are you not able to convert your prospects
Find out the missing elements in your conversation with a prospect.
by Kanika Bhargav May 31, 2018
Five mobile apps that you should recommend to your clients
There are so many apps out there to make life less stressful. Some of these track monthly expenses, remember passwords and even remind you due dates of monthly bills.
by Riya Lakhmani May 30, 2018
What to do if your clients say goodbye
Read to know how to bounce back after losing a client.
by Kanika Bhargav May 28, 2018
Make your travel stress free!
How to ensure work does not interrupt your getaway…
by Riya Lakhmani May 25, 2018
How to fire difficult clients
Read on to know a few gracious ways to fire difficult clients.
by Kanika Bhargav May 25, 2018
Tips to deal with time-wasters at work
Read on to know the biggest time-wasters at work and ways to check them.
by Kanika Bhargav May 23, 2018