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Business Development

7 things that piss off your client
Read on to know what behaviour patterns annoy your clients and how to remove them.
by Kanika Bhargav May 22, 2018
Fire these clients without wasting time
Yes, there are clients you would do well to break up with. Find out who they are.
by Kanika Bhargav May 18, 2018
What do you say when you ask for referrals?
Here is a script that can help you seek referrals.
by Kanika Bhargav May 17, 2018
How to be happy and efficient at work and in life
Here is how you can strike a balance between personal and professional life.
by Riya Lakhmani May 11, 2018
Here’s how you can make the most out of a fund factsheet
Five useful data points that you can use
by Shreeta Rege May 6, 2018
How to make the profile picture work for you on social media
Read to know how to make a powerful statement with your display photo on different social media platforms.
by Kanika Bhargav May 6, 2018
How effective is your newsletter?
Here are a few tips to make your newsletter engaging.
by Kanika Bhargav Apr 30, 2018
What investors expect from you on social media
Your client value engaging content and informative posts on social media.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 30, 2018
Mistakes advisors make
Here are a few common mistakes you may be making that can hinder business growth.
by Kanika Bhargav Apr 30, 2018
How to grow your referral network
Read on to find out how you can attract more referrals.
by Kanika Bhargav Apr 30, 2018
Tips to maintain a healthy relationship with fellow advisors and AMCs
Relationships matter. Read on to get tips and advice on how to get along well with advisors and AMC officials
by Kanika Bhargav Apr 30, 2018
Add the wow factor to your business card
Read on to know key points to make your business card more appealing.
by Kanika Bhargav Apr 27, 2018
Why have a hobby?
Read to find out why advisors should have a hobby.
by Kanika Bhargav Apr 27, 2018
What would happen to your business in your absence?
A white paper published by United Planners Financial Services gives a few tips on how advisors can secure the future of their practice.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 25, 2018
How do you start and end your day?
Ten steps for a fulfilling start and satisfying end to a workday.
by Shreeta Rege Apr 23, 2018