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MF News What do IFAs read?

What do IFAs read?

Staying updated on developments is one of the pre-requisites to a successful advisory business. Let us find out the blogs and magazines IFAs depend on to understand developing trends in their profession.
Padmaja Choudhury May 6, 2017

Websites and blogs provide financial advisors a window to current trends in personal finance. We asked some of the independent financial advisors about the websites and blogs they visit regularly.    

Shifali Satsangee, CEO, Funds Ve'daa

I go through various Indian and international industry platforms as they cover events, trends, industry news and developments, and perspectives of other advisors. I also go through B2B websites meant for financial professionals for their analysis, reports, recommendations and articles.

Among international websites, I track Harvard Business Review for its managerial content. Harvard Business Review provides professionals with insights and best practices to lead themselves and their organisations more effectively.

Gajendra Kothari, MD and CEO, Etica Wealth Management

Among the personal finance blogs, I read PV Subramanian’s subramoney.com and SafalNiveshak. They have stories of personal finance and clients. So I am able to relate to these. It helps me to connect to my clients.

I read personal finance magazines as well. 

Ranjit Dani, Founder director, Think

I read Cafémutual to keep myself updated with the latest trend that is taking place in the advisory business.

Rohit Shah, CEO, Getting You Rich

I read Cafémutual and NetworkFP, as these help me to keep myself updated with industry progress. The content in these websites is strong.

Ashish Modani, Founder, SLA Financial Solutions

I tend to read books related to this field rather than blogs. I particularly like reading Carl Richard’s blog at BehaviorGap.com as he talks on behaviour finance. That interests me.

Amit Kukreja, Founder, WealthBeing Advisors

As I am one of the few fee-only advisors, I mostly go through American websites that cater to fee-based planners. Some of these are Julie Littlechild's Blog, Rick Kahler’s Blog and XY Planning Network. They keep me informed of what is going on in the fee-based advisory industry in America. I learn a lot from them.

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