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Business Development How I stay on top of my game

How I stay on top of my game

Find out what these advisors do to remain on top of the advisory business.
Team Cafemutual Jan 2, 2018

 Lovaii Navlakhi of IMMPL, Bangalore:

Earlier, I used to read a lot of books. But, nowadays I do not find the time. So, I browse a lot of websites instead. I also follow various industry leaders on social media. When I come across any interesting post on social media, I read up more on the topic.

Apart from this, I spend a significant amount of my time attending seminars and workshops, both locally and internationally. I look out for events that will expand my horizon as opposed to generic events. For example, if there are some interesting topics being discussed at a tech summit, I register for the event, even though it has nothing to do directly with financial planning.

I also attend at least two international events every year. In these events, apart from the main topics, I look forward to discussions with my peers from other countries. The insights and learnings from such conversations have helped me build a practice that meets international standards. In fact, I am the first and only Certified Financial Transitionist in India.

Vinod Jain of Jain Investments, Mumbai

I spend a major part of my day reading charts and annual reports. These help me track industry trends and performances of various companies. This helps me to identify funds that invest in these promising sectors and companies. This habit also helps me identify funds that are positioned precariously. Over the years this has helped me gauge market movements. This is the secret to my success.

Vishal Dhawan of Plan Ahead Financial Planners, Mumbai

I read continuously. Apart from a wide range of financial dailies and magazines, I also read independent views posted on social media. I also participate in discussions on international forums. This gives me an international perspective on various events. My favourite international website is financial-planning.com

Apart from this, I attend various events both locally and internationally that are pertinent to financial planning. At events, I talk to various members of the industry on the sidelines. By picking their brains, I get a fresh perspective on my own practice.

I also enjoy reading books. I read books by other financial advisors especially popular international figures. They usually have interesting views on practice management and client management.

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Vikaas M Sachdeva · 1 year ago
The common thread is reading, reading and more reading....Couldn't agree more...more power to the power of the common word !
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