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Business Development Last ball, six runs: Learnings from DK’s memorable knock

Last ball, six runs: Learnings from DK’s memorable knock

Nidahas Trophy T-20 finals witnessed a spectacular performance by Dinesh Karthik. Here is what we can learn from his memorable innings.
Kanika Bhargav and Nishant Patnaik Mar 19, 2018

Dinesh Karthik played the match of his life, scoring 29 runs off eight balls. His six on the last ball gave India a thrilling four-wicket win over Bangladesh in the final of Nidahas Trophy. Karthik, with his composed batting, completely turned the match in India’s favour.

We took five lessons from DK’s wonderful knock. Let us look at these.


  •  Never lose hope

Karthik walked in to bat when Bangladesh had a complete upper hand. He came in the second last over, and India needed 34 runs off 12 balls. He knew it was a tough job as the team had scored just one run in the crucial 18th over. Karthik did not lose hope. He gave a memorable performance that helped India win the match.

Continue giving your best, no matter how tough the situation is

  • Keep calm

Karthik did not let the pressure affect his performance. He kept his calm and released the pressure by hitting two sixes and a four in first three balls of the 19th over to reduce the required run rate.

As an advisor, you should not panic during difficult times, such as a market crash. Instead you should put in place a structure to deal with clients in difficult times. One way to do that is to stay in touch with them during a crisis as it helps them avoid irrational investing decisions.

  • Build a strategy

Karthik had a conviction that he can hit the ball harder. He asked Vijay Shankar at the very first ball of the final over to give him strike by taking a single. In the fifth ball, Karthik ensured that he and Shankar cross the half crease to keep the strike, when he judged that Shankar might lose his wicket.

The key message here is to have a strategy to grow business. Be it approaching a prospect or communicating with existing clients, put in place a strategy.

  • Adaptability

Making a departure from his not-so-aggressive batting style, Karthik went all in with his batting. He did not time to settle down; instead, he started hitting hard from the first ball itself. He stood outside the crease so that he could smash sixes more freely.

Similarly, advisors should also adapt to changes. Make sure to stay relevant.

  • Understand the situation

Karthik played sensibly, and that led India to victory. He smartly analysed the fielding position of players and hit the ball in gaps. For instance, before facing the final ball of the inning he took time to see the fielding positions. Also, on the last ball of the 19th over, he scored a boundary by deceiving the bowler, leaving India to chase 12 runs off 6 balls.

The lesson here is that before recommending a scheme or a product to a client, advisors should first understand their clients.

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when is the cil nishant ji
Info · 6 months ago
The most important lesson we learnt from the entire match is to plan your strategy earlier and never take the decision in the last minute. Maximum chances are that the decision may not be our favour. Like it is not possible always to score six in the last ball.
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