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Business Development Tips to deal with time-wasters at work

Tips to deal with time-wasters at work

Read on to know the biggest time-wasters at work and ways to check them.
Kanika Bhargav May 23, 2018

When you run an advisory business, it is crucial that you spend time wisely and get the most out of every day.

But when trying to be efficient, we often come across time-wasters at work. These people or activities waste time and interrupt productivity during working hours.

Here are a few tips to deal with them.


When you are an entrepreneur, many people assume that since you are your own boss it is okay to drop in unannounced anytime they want to. In these circumstances, be firm and say no to people who show up and disrupt your schedule.

But how to say no? Here is the solution: To whatever they propose to chat about tell them point blank, “I have only a few minutes to discuss this,” and then stick to the time limit.

Stand up to speak with them for the right body language. It will keep you aware of the time and also send the message that you are busy and do not wish to prolong the unscheduled visit.

You can also be straight and tell them upfront that you cannot pull yourself away from work at present: "I would love to speak to you, but I am very bust at the moment. Can we catch up over coffee during the weekend and discuss the matter?”


Phone calls from friends and family during working hours can also be distracting.

Solution: Answer the call and gently say, "I am in the middle of some work right now. Can I please call you later?"

Switch to the silent mode. Silent your notifications or choose the DND (Do not disturb) mode when your work needs your full concentration. You can also opt for voice messages.

However, ensure that you schedule a time slot each day to return calls.

Friends who want free advice

There are many friends who will seek your free advice when you work as a financial advisor. They want to use your skills and experience without having to pay for it.

Solution: Keep it short and sweet and say no. Or say something like: "I really value our friendship, but let’s not mix business with pleasure".

Or you can also simply change the subject and tell them that you don’t like to talk shop with friends.


Checking email is the first thing that most advisors do in the morning. The inbox remains open all day, and when a new email pops up, they click it open right away. A lot of time is wasted in checking all the mails that come in.

Solutions: De-clutter your inbox. Unsubscribe from non-informative newsletters.

Create some templates if you receive emails with same context often.

If there is something that needs to be discussed, opt for a phone or face-to-face conversation. It can save you a lot of time. By calling you can finish the work in an hour whereas an email discussion can take up to two days.

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