Guest Column

Seven tips to increase client wallet share
The most effective way to grow business is to focus on increasing wallet share from your existing clients
by Tata MF's Simply Simple 16 hours ago
‘Remember, FMPs are supposed to hold securities that mature before redemption date’
Let us look at the concept of FMP rollover and side-pocketing.
by Joydeep Sen Apr 19, 2019
Perfecting the art of first client meeting
Ensure that prospective clients hire you after the first meeting.
by Tata MF's Simply Simple Apr 18, 2019
Advice Zaroori hai: Value of investment advice is immense
Why advised investors are twice as likely to continue creating wealth than DIY investors
by Amit Nafde Apr 14, 2019
Servicing rural clients gave me more joy than a paycheck
Riding on a bullock cart, I reached a hilly village to spread the message of mutual funds.
by Kiran Bharde Apr 4, 2019
How to get referrals from your clients?
Six things to keep in mind when you want to grow your business through referrals.
by Tata MF's Simply Simple Mar 28, 2019
Ditch the myths and your fears: niche yourself already!
In a Horsesmouth survey of 2,100 advisors, those with a niche reported they enjoy easier access to prospects and better and wealthier clients.
by Maria Marsala Mar 27, 2019
A checklist to select funds
This quick guide will help you choose funds wisely.
by Sankarsh Chanda Mar 21, 2019
Things to keep in mind before recommending REITs
Let’s discover advantages and disadvantage of REITs and tips to invest in REITs
by Chanchal Wankhade Mar 15, 2019
How Beed IFA Kiran Bharde manages clients expectations in tough times
In this Marathi article, Kiran shares with us how he helps his clients deal with behavioural biases.
by Kiran Bharde Mar 14, 2019
REITs give an opportunity to earn regular income through rents without owning a physical property.
by Chanchal Wankhade Mar 12, 2019
5 Costly Mistakes Financial Advisors Can’t Afford to Make in 2019
by Maria Marsala Mar 4, 2019
The debt fund spook and what it means for your clients
Whether downgrades or default is a new phenomenon, it is not.
by Vidya Bala Feb 15, 2019
DIE another day, handhold your clients now
Issues with DHFL, IL&FS and Essel (DIE) are rattling nerves but the dust will settle down soon.
by Joydeep Sen Feb 11, 2019