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Guest Column

Top 20 Films about Finance: From Crisis to Con Men: Part II
In this part, we have covered the remaining 10 films.
by Usman Hayat Jan 11, 2017
Top 20 Films about Finance: From Crisis to Con Men: Part I
In this series, we have covered 10 films.
by Usman Hayat Jan 10, 2017
What 2017 holds for equity markets?
The fundamental strength of the economy and attractive valuation levels of the market (1 year forward P/E for BSE Sensex at 14.7x, moderate levels implying low risk) present a positive outlook for equity.
by Anand Radhakrishnan Jan 5, 2017
The number one way to boost referrals
Your clients are surrounded by people you would like to be introduced to all the time. Help them recognize the opportunities to introduce you when the timing is right.
by Stephen Wershing Dec 31, 2016
Know Your Client: Talking to Women about Investing
by Barbara Stewart, CFA Dec 23, 2016
Women advisors, take the leap for outsized rewards
Both men and women clients see women as more trusting and serious players in the business.
by Aditi Kothari Desai Dec 19, 2016
Behavioral insights on financial advice
by Shreenivas Kunte, CFA Dec 16, 2016
How to choose the right platform?
by Chandur Bhaya Dec 13, 2016
Why are alternates important for advisors
Advisors can now introduce sophisticated investment products to their clients that until recently were only available to institutions and the ultra-wealthy.
by Akshay Gupta Nov 5, 2016
Daniel Goleman: Three Steps to Better Investing
For financial advisers, one of the toughest moments is when markets are not doing well. People start to panic. That’s a moment when your calm, your clarity, is extremely crucial for the other person to sense that they don’t have to panic.
by Matthew Borin Oct 29, 2016
Importance of average maturity while choosing debt funds for your clients
You need to consider the investment horizon as the starting point and align it with the average maturity of the fund to ensure that it is in line with your client’s time horizon and risk profile.
by Kishorkumar Balpalli Oct 18, 2016
‘I ran my first half marathon at the age of 40’
Running helps me take better decisions and have a very healthy work life balance.
by Vikaas Sachdeva Oct 14, 2016
Distributor or RIA?
If you feel that the adviser model is not viable for you then you may keep functioning as a distributor focussing on mutual funds only without digressing into the advisory route.
by Kishorkumar Balpalli Oct 7, 2016
How can IFAs build a robust retail business
Retail fund distribution is undergoing a structural change. Opportunities are plentiful and distributors need to provide a comprehensive solution catalogue in alignment with the needs of customers.
by Suraj Kaeley Oct 7, 2016
Is money management a profession or business?
If one sees this activity as a profession rather than a business, one will be more likely to have the best intention and interest of the client in mind.
by Neil Parikh Oct 6, 2016