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Guest Column

How SEBI is killing financial inclusion
Regulators are meant to sift through the bad apples and throw them out. Not destroy the industry.
by Vivek Law May 30, 2016
4 important words that an IFA should use liberally
P V Subramanyam believes saying ‘I do not know’ to investor queries on markets, economy etc. is fine.
by P V Subramanyam May 19, 2016
Good Communications: The “Undiscovered Country” of the Investment Profession
by Jason Voss, CFA May 13, 2016
The triumph of selling over marketing
Relying on selling (and having a weak marketing plan) makes you work harder and exposes you to long-term risks that reduce the value of your business.
by Stephen Wershing May 12, 2016
Investment wisdom from Rajnikanth
Here are the top five investment lessons dished out by the man who knows it all, including what came first – the egg or the chicken.
by Noorain Mohammed Nadim May 9, 2016
The second step in your communication plan is training your staff
Sometimes, your staff can be even more effective at directly stimulating referrals then you.
by Stephen Wershing May 5, 2016
Will Smart Beta Be the Next Industry Disruption?
by Shreenivas Kunte, CFA Apr 27, 2016
Provide proof to attract clients
Proof is a tricky thing in the financial advisory world. You cannot prove we will do a good job because we don’t actually know how things are going to work out.
by Stephen Wershing Apr 25, 2016
Unintended consequences of commission disclosure in a/c statement
Commission disclosure along with direct plans is a deadly combination.
by Amit Trivedi Apr 11, 2016
The 4 As contributing to the growth of the Indian mutual fund industry
Mutual fund industry in India is set to reach new heights in the coming years. Over the last decade, the total assets managed by mutual fund houses rose by 70%. Let's look at the major factors influencing this spurt of growth.
by Shynu George Mar 30, 2016
Meditation for investment professionals
Meditation provides unique benefits that directly address many of the obstacles we all face each day.
by Jason Voss, CFA Mar 23, 2016
Today’s market is “when you distinguish yourself as an investor”
The decisions you make in this environment are the ones that make you wealthy.
by Lauren Foster Mar 5, 2016
‘Robo advisors lack human touch’
It is important to understand the difference between what humans can do and what machines can do. What are their respective strengths? What are their respective weaknesses?
by Amit Trivedi Feb 21, 2016
Active vs. passive investing and the “suckers at the poker table” fallacy
In order to have any profitable active investors, it seems you have to posit overconfident, “dumb” active money that loses money trading against the “smart” arbitrageurs.
by Druce Vertes, CFA Feb 11, 2016
6 ways to reach your goals
Here are a few ideas for your business plan to help you question your own goal setting and get on your way to achieve your goals.
by Stephen Wershing Feb 9, 2016