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Guest Column

Financial literacy: Way for financial empowerment of women
Many women ignore personal finance. This can be detrimental to their financial health. It pays to know about the current situation and take charge of family’s money matters.
by Source: Moneycontrol Oct 21, 2015
What all married women should know: Benefits of husband buying a policy under MWPA
by Source : ET Oct 20, 2015
How e-insurance benefits policyholders and agents
There are multiple benefits in holding insurance policies in electronic form under a single e Insurance Account (eIA).
by Ramanan S V, CEO, CAMS Insurance Repository Services Oct 14, 2015
How to deal with the departure of your star fund manager
by Gustavo Teruel, CFA Oct 9, 2015
What not to do on social media
by Kirtarath Dhillon Oct 7, 2015
2 Robo web tech strategies for human advisors
How human advisors can compete with Robo Advisors by building a good website.
by Kellie Gibson Oct 5, 2015
Guard yourself from risks in debt funds
When we say ‘limit’ your risk, we clearly mean that debt space is not devoid of risk.
by Vidya Bala Sep 21, 2015
Past returns and how much to rely on it
‘Past returns are not indicative of future performance’ goes the disclaimer. So, why do we rely on past performance?
by Vidya Bala, Head - Mutual Fund Research Aug 14, 2015
Why do women play second fiddle in financial decisions?
I can clearly see large benefits accruing to society if financial empowerment of women is taken up in right earnest, says Harshendu Bindal, President, Franklin Templeton Investments India.
by Harshendu Bindal Aug 10, 2015
India is likely be impacted from the flight of safety to dollar assets
We may see some volatility in the domestic equity, debt and the forex market. Having said that, since the last QE3 tantrum, RBI has increased its forex reserves to around US$ 355 bn. This provides a strong cushion for any spike in dollar demand.
by Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak Mutual Fund Jul 6, 2015
‘Going direct is penny wise, pound foolish!’
While investors may save some cost by going direct, when a client needs hand holding and empathy, this may look like ‘penny wise pound foolish’ decision. Advisors need to articulate this to clients.
by Vinayak Sapre Jul 4, 2015
Are we headed for another global financial crisis?
Are we embarking on a new era of prosperity? Or has the crisis morphed somehow into something altogether different?
by Ron Rimkus, CFA Jun 18, 2015
Have the behaviorists gone too far?
We live in a world of constant uncertainty. A stock price going up after you sell the stock, or a bond price going down after you buy the bond, tells you nothing about whether or not these were appropriate choices given an investor’s policy.s
by Ron Rimkus, CFA May 15, 2015
Investment Decisions: How to Avoid Groupthink
Does behavioral finance go beyond exposing the weaknesses of conventional economic thinking and offer solutions? For instance, does it provide tools that professional investors can employ to overcome behavioral biases like groupthink or conformity?
by Usman Hayat, CFA May 14, 2015
What to tell clients when markets correct
Investors who do nothing and stay calm when markets fall are perhaps doing the wisest thing.
by Vidya Bala Apr 20, 2015