Guest Column

The market crash is good news!
Look at the correction as an opportunity to engage with your clients, says Amit Trivedi of Karmayog-Knowledge.
by Amit Trivedi Dec 17, 2014
Robo advisors versus human advisors
Here’s a comparison of what Robo advisors vis-à-vis human advisors have to offer to their clients.
by Swarn Saurabh Dec 15, 2014
Will burning cost cause massive heartburn?
While IRDA’s motive in trying to stop the insurance industry’s self-inflicted spiral of descent to the depths cannot be faulted, could some remedial measures have been taken by the industry itself? Perhaps yes.
by Gurpal Singh Dhingra Nov 30, 2014
World is changing, are you?
Always remember that clients don’t issue addendum before making changes to their behavioral patterns.
by Vinayak Sapre Nov 12, 2014
Which asset allocation model should your clients follow?
In the western world, asset allocation advice driven by computer algorithms (Robo-Advisors) are posing serious threats to human advisory practice. If we believe in trends, then the time is not too far for us to do a catch up game.
by Swarn Saurabh Oct 26, 2014
“Pretend and Extend” vs. Prediction: Other Lessons from Berkshire Hathaway
The genius of the Berkshire Hathaway approach, particularly the approach to acquisitions, is to focus on likely significant future changes.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Sep 15, 2014
The business of advising in India
Investors can’t distinguish between right and wrong advice.
by D V Suresh Sep 3, 2014
Real Estate Investment Trusts accorded pass through status; albeit with limitations
REITs and Investment Trusts have been accorded a pass through status in this Budget making them much more attractive for investors.
by Amit Maheswari Sep 2, 2014
Can PPF beat Sensex returns over 20-year period?
A recent article published in a leading newspaper stated that PPF has beated Sensex returns over a 20-year period caught everyone’s attention. Amit Trivedi shows how statistics can fool us.
by Amit Trivedi Aug 29, 2014
Have you got an edge over the markets?
Even if some people are able to outperform the markets, most are not. In financial jargon, most people do not have an edge over the financial markets, which is to say that they can’t perform better than the financial market through active selection of some investments over others.
by Lars Kroijer, Author of Investing Demystified Aug 26, 2014
Lessons for the IFA from airline safety announcements
IFAs can draw lessons on how to alert and caution investors from airline safety instructions. Read on to find how…
by Amit Trivedi, Karmayog Knowledge Academy Aug 11, 2014
Have you made a profit on your life?
Imagine that your personal life is a business. Are you profitable? If you’re neglecting your loan balances and buying expensive things on credit, consider how you would react if one of the companies in your portfolio was doing the same thing.
by Will Ortel Jul 31, 2014
Why investment managers are the good guys
by W. Bradford McMillan, CFA, CAIA Jul 29, 2014
Premature selling is tough but beneficial
Most professional investors pride themselves on their timing of purchases and thus focus on current conditions.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Jul 7, 2014
Is your age everything in investing, or just a number?
There are many other measures to take into account, some more important than others, like assets including intangibles, liabilities including contingencies, and mental and physical health.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Jun 6, 2014