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Guest Column

Change is unavoidable
Intermediaries across the board need training on psychology, economics, technology and soft skills.
by Vinayak Sapre May 1, 2013
How to calculate tax on mutual funds?
Melvin Joseph of Finvin Financial Planners explains the applicability and calculation of taxes on different fund categories.
by Melvin Joseph Feb 20, 2013
What do most successful advisors do before breakfast?
Nandish Desai of Jagoadvisor lists out seven important practices which advisors should inculcate before they start their day in order to succeed in their profession.
by Nandish Desai Feb 18, 2013
Key takeaways from Network FP panel on SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations
Network FP organized a roundtable discussion on "SEBI Investment Advisor Regulations 2013" to understand its implications on financial planners, advisors and investors recently in Mumbai.
by Sadique Neelgund - Founder of Network FP Feb 17, 2013
Making indexation work to your clients advantage
Dilshad Billimoria of Dilzer Consultants explains the importance and application of indexation in various asset classes.
by Dilshad Billimoria Feb 5, 2013
How much will your clients get if they invest Rs 1000 every month via SIP?
Melvin Joseph, a Mumbai based financial planner shares his experience of investing Rs 1000 per month through a SIP in 1995 when his first daughter was born. He invested 2.12 lakhs in these 212 months and the fund value is 22 lakhs now!
by Melvin Joseph Feb 4, 2013
The New Financial Advisor World Order – SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations 2013
SEBI has finally released the much awaited regulations for Investment Advisers (IA) after a slew of other regulations to combat mis-selling in markets and related services.
by Biharilal Deora Jan 30, 2013
Lessons from Chinese bamboo for equity investments
Equity investment is like sowing a Chinese bamboo tree which grows only after 5 years 3 months
by Jigar Parekh Jan 21, 2013
Life after death
Malhar Majumder, Executive Director, Fine Advice shares the importance of creating a succession plan for clients.
by Malhar Majumder Dec 9, 2012
It is your EQ and not your IQ that will determine your success
Brijesh Damodaran, Founder and Managing Partner, Zeus WealthWays takes you through the important role played by Emotional Quotient (EQ) in an advisor’s success
by Brijesh Damodaran Nov 26, 2012
What does a distributor want from a manufacturer?
Ritesh Sheth of Tejas Consultancy presents his charter of expectations from fund houses
by Ritesh Sheth Oct 31, 2012
Financial awareness among Indians – miles to go…
Sunil Mishra, CEO, Karvy Private Wealth draws some useful and relevant insights for all financial planners and advisors from a VISA International survey on financial awareness
by Sunil Mishra Aug 28, 2012
What the Bhagavad Gita can teach IFAs about motivation
Shifali Satsangee of Funds Vedaa digs deep into the Bhagavad Gita and finds that it can be a great guide for motivation.
by Shifali Satsangee Jun 25, 2012
Advisors should not neglect their own personal finances!
While advisors are busy creating financial plans for clients, they should ensure that they do not neglect their own personal finances. Mumbai-based financial planner Melvin Joseph recounts this true story.
by Melvin Joseph Jun 11, 2012
Dilshad Billimoria of Dilzer Consultants illustrates the benefits of Value Cost Averaging over Rupee Cost Averaging (SIP).
Dilshad Billimoria of Dilzer Consultants illustrates the benefits of Value Cost Averaging over Rupee Cost Averaging (SIP).
by Dilshad Billimoria Jun 3, 2012