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Guest Column

Investing in bond funds: What you actually need to know? – Part I
Unlike equities, bond investments do not, generally, suffer from the “catching a falling knife” metaphor.
by Dheeraj Singh, Finanzlab Advisors Jul 26, 2013
Revisiting the Promoter Put in mutual funds
Mutual funds are passthrough products and investors have to share not just the upside but also the downside.
by Dheeraj Singh, Finanzlab Advisors Jul 18, 2013
‘Without technology in my life, I would have been doomed!’
Gajendra Kothari of Etica Wealth Management tells us how gadgets and applications have helped in winning clients and becoming more productive in his practice.
by Gajendra Kothari Jul 16, 2013
Don’t procrastinate on the subject of writing a will
Advisors can learn a lot from this article by Sujata Kabraji in which she gives a step by step guide on how to go about writing a will.
by Sujata Kabraji Jul 1, 2013
Don't fool yourself about retirement
Educate your clients that this is one goal that must be taken seriously and thought of the moment one starts earning....
by Content Team, iFAST Financial India Pvt Ltd Jun 9, 2013
How to charge fees from your clients? Learn from real life examples…
Clients pay us when they see us improving their financial lives, believes Deepali and cites three examples
by Deepali Sen Jun 2, 2013
Are you on the right direction?
Sadique urges advisors to address 10 important questions relating to their future.
by Sadique Neelgund May 30, 2013
Mis-selling of MFs is now a fraudulent practice; get prepared to deal with it
To avoid unlimited personal liability, adopt either the LLP or the Private Limited Company framework.
by Rajesh Krishnamoorthy May 27, 2013
What’s with the mad rush towards gold and real estate?
Are investors being really foolish, in saying, “my property has doubled in eight years”, when they can double their money in the bank or post office in the same time with virtually zero risk?
by Dilshad Billimoria May 16, 2013
Change is unavoidable
Intermediaries across the board need training on psychology, economics, technology and soft skills.
by Vinayak Sapre May 1, 2013
How to calculate tax on mutual funds?
Melvin Joseph of Finvin Financial Planners explains the applicability and calculation of taxes on different fund categories.
by Melvin Joseph Feb 20, 2013
What do most successful advisors do before breakfast?
Nandish Desai of Jagoadvisor lists out seven important practices which advisors should inculcate before they start their day in order to succeed in their profession.
by Nandish Desai Feb 18, 2013
Key takeaways from Network FP panel on SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations
Network FP organized a roundtable discussion on "SEBI Investment Advisor Regulations 2013" to understand its implications on financial planners, advisors and investors recently in Mumbai.
by Sadique Neelgund - Founder of Network FP Feb 17, 2013
Making indexation work to your clients advantage
Dilshad Billimoria of Dilzer Consultants explains the importance and application of indexation in various asset classes.
by Dilshad Billimoria Feb 5, 2013
How much will your clients get if they invest Rs 1000 every month via SIP?
Melvin Joseph, a Mumbai based financial planner shares his experience of investing Rs 1000 per month through a SIP in 1995 when his first daughter was born. He invested 2.12 lakhs in these 212 months and the fund value is 22 lakhs now!
by Melvin Joseph Feb 4, 2013