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Guest Column

Goal based planning goes mainstream. Are you prepared?
Get ready as your clients too will expect this service from you.
by Ronak Hindocha Nov 11, 2018
‘Advisors should avoid one size fits all approach to recommend life and health coverage’
Advisors should customise solutions to ensure that their clients have adequate life and health insurance.
by B. Govindarajan Oct 19, 2018
Mis-selling – goes deeper than you think
There is nothing wrong in being aggressive and pushing for sales; one enters the realm of wrongdoing when the push is all that matters and not who one is selling to.
by Jimmy Patel Oct 15, 2018
Grow your financial firm faster
The marketing system you need depends upon the vision you have for your company.
by Maria Marsala Sep 23, 2018
Mutual funds are not for ‘sale’
“When you get something for nothing, you just haven’t been billed for it yet” – Franklin P. Jones.
by Vidya Bala Aug 29, 2018
The crucial role of distributors in growing the industry and the way forward
Only distributors can inculcate investment habits among investors.
by Joydeep Sen Aug 20, 2018
Investing lessons from Yoga
How can you apply the principles of Yoga to investing?
by Karan Datta Jul 5, 2018
Seven key traits of ideal advisor
Here is what separates a successful advisor from an unsuccessful advisor
by Vinayak Sapre Jun 13, 2018
SWP or dividends, what should you recommend to your clients?
SWPs are more tax efficient as these are treated as growth plan of mutual funds for tax purposes.
by Karan Datta Jun 11, 2018
Do not compare apples with oranges post scheme merger
AMCs would like to boast long-term track record of their performing schemes post merger.
by Joydeep Sen May 27, 2018
Scheme re-categorisation: short-term pains for long-term gains
The changes will benefit the AMCs, distributors and investors in the long run.
by Lav Kumar May 24, 2018
Must-have digital tools for IFAs
These 14 digital tools will help you manage your business seamlessly.
by Anoop Nasa May 21, 2018
A checklist for your due diligence requirement
Here are some good business practices that will help you comply with regulatory norms on due diligence.
by Ritesh Sheth May 14, 2018
What is in a name?
A few thoughts on scheme mergers and what it means for you.
by Radhika Gupta May 14, 2018
Do mutual funds manage their NAV during year-end?
Putting the NAV manipulation conspiracy theory under the microscope
by Vijay Mantri May 10, 2018