Guest Column

Successful investing is not a ranking
The real measure of successful investing is how the investor feels about the result. Feeling good about the result is an unwritten, but very important, psychological goal.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA May 21, 2014
Inflation, the oldest and most powerful force in the galaxy
My question for all of us is: How are we going to hedge our inflation risk ahead of inflation manipulation replacing interest rate manipulation?
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Apr 30, 2014
Why do majority of IFAs struggle to scale up their practice?
The single main reason is the psychological barrier that an IFA has towards changing the business model.
by Rajat Dhar Feb 17, 2014
Direct plans: does the investor really benefit?
The best performing scheme in three years duration has returned 11.25% CAGR whereas the worst performer has given returns of -1.31%. This difference in performance is many times the difference of expense ratio between direct and regular plans (which may at best be 0.5%).
by Bhushan Mahajan Feb 10, 2014
Whose job is this?
Whether you have a team of 3 or 30, an IFA can give clarity of their role to his employees and at the same time have flexibility in the outfit, says Vinayak Sapre.
by Vinayak Sapre Jan 11, 2014
Change is the only constant
The services offered by IFAs are now perceived as hygiene factor. The client is more sensitive to what we talk and how we behave. We need to sense those changes.
by Vinayak Sapre Dec 18, 2013
Is financial advisory a profession?
There is a saying ‘Doctor aur Vakil se kuchh bhi nahi chhupana chahiye’. A financial advisor should aspire to be in that position.
by Vinayak Sapre Dec 3, 2013
Are too many long-term investors too short-term?
Do not have too much confidence in the correctness of your present, firmly held investment beliefs, says A. Michael Lipper, CFA.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Nov 7, 2013
Roles in life rule investment decisions
What is true for the professional managers is also true for individual investors, says A Michael Lipper, CFA.
by A. Michael Lipper, CFA Nov 6, 2013
My client doesn’t want to buy this… and other strange beliefs IFAs hold
Vinayak Sapre of Insights examines a few commonly held beliefs that hold IFAs back
by Vinayak Sapre Oct 29, 2013
Equity investing: When is it time to sell?
Timing the sale of a security is arguably the most important aspect of any successful investment strategy.
by Daniel Kim, CFA Oct 22, 2013
What is good research?
Good research, good due diligence in general, means looking for differential information and approaching the problem in different ways, says Tom Brakke, CFA.
by William Ortel Oct 19, 2013
To be or not to be a registered investment adviser
M S Shabbir of SenSage Financial Services shares his views on why financial planners should register with SEBI as Investment Advisers.
by M. S. Shabbir Oct 16, 2013
Use of Monte Carlo simulations in Financial Planning
It seeks to cover all conceivable real world contingencies in proportion to their likelihood.
by Jitendra Kumar, Sr.Business Analyst- Fiserv Oct 10, 2013
Can you prove your investment selection processes?
I have been recently asked “What do you believe about investing, but know that you could never prove?”
by Michael Lipper, CFA Sep 19, 2013