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Guest Column

Unshackle the MF industry, simplify cumbersome procedures
A number of steps need to be taken to simplify various procedures which are bogging down the industry, says Pune-based advisor Hemant Shah.
by Hemant S Shah May 22, 2012
11 key attributes that define an effective financial advisor
How you can boost your business and develop long-lasting client relationships.
by Dilshad Billimoria May 1, 2012
Liquid Funds: A simpleton that we conveniently ignore at our cost!
Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, MD, iFAST Financial India, shares an interesting perspective on how your investors can make the most of liquid funds.
by iFAST Financial India Mar 28, 2012
Lessons from a jungle safari for the advisor
Amit Trivedi, Karmayog Knowledge Academy, went for a jungle safari recently and realized that given the similarities between the jungle and financial markets, advisors can learn a trick or two.
by Amit Trivedi Mar 27, 2012
A single trading platform for debt & equity would lead to increased penetration: Sandesh Kirkire
Sandesh Kirkire, CEO, Kotak Mutual Fund says that there is a need for consolidated trading platform for equity and debt asset classes; operating within a single (or a coordinated) regulatory framework to increase penetration the retail investors segment.
by Sandesh Kirkire Mar 12, 2012
‘Running a marathon is similar to meditation where you shut out the outside world’
Vikaas Sachdeva, CEO, Edelweiss Mutual Fund recounts his experience of running the Mumbai Marathon.
by Vikaas Sachdeva Jan 18, 2012
Kolaveri Di - Advisor Version
Jay Purohit, an IFA from Pondicherry has sent this hilarious version of Kolaveri Di.
Posted on Jan 7, 2012
Lessons on change for IFAs from the world’s oldest runner
Fauja Singh runs a marathon at an age when others struggle to walk 100 yards. Inspired by his feat, Amit Trivedi draws lessons for IFAs
by Amit Trivedi Oct 31, 2011
Use liquid funds as a floating rate tool
Funds that have high credit exposure at the short end of the curve are best avoided as the credit yield curve is likely to see a parallel shift upwards from current levels
by Arjun Parthasarathy Feb 3, 2011
Stock picking will win
January 2011 Equity Newsletter: The broad market is not likely to do too well in this current equity environment. Equity markets face both headwinds and tailwinds, and the market direction will depend on the strength of one over the other.
by Arjun Parthasarathy Jan 2, 2011
Inflation, liquidity will dominate
January 2011 Debt Newsletter: Liquid funds will yield better returns in very short term
by Arjun Parthasarathy Jan 2, 2011
Distributors to benefit from regulation
V Ramesh, Deputy CEO of AMFI, has a word of cheer for distributors
by V Ramesh Nov 25, 2010