Tarraki Corner Dohanomics now in Marathi

Dohanomics now in Marathi

The book shares 40 investment mantras derived from Sant Kabir and Sant Rahim’s legendary couplets (dohas).
Shreeta Rege Feb 6, 2019

First published in English in March 2017, the book connects wisdom of great saints to investment lessons.  

Recognizing the demand for regional language financial literature, he translated the book in Hindi. As the popularity of the book grew, there was a demand for a Marathi version too.  

Vinayak did not want the Marathi version to be a literal translation of the original English version. He wanted to include colloquial Marathi expressions to give it an authentic Marathi flavour. Amit Bivalkar of Sapient Wealth, a close friend of Vinayak was his first choice for the job. “Amit has deep understanding of investing owing to his long tenure of over 20 years in the finance industry. His proficiency in Marathi complements his financial acumen making him my natural choice,” said Vinayak.   

One doha in the book, explains the importance of choosing the right advisor.

‘Sadhu aise chahiye, jaka pura mang.

Vipatti padhe chodhe nahi chadhe chouguna rang.’

The doha says that the role of a financial advisor is not limited to right investment recommendation. Rather he must be the investor’s guide in turbulent times. He should hand hold the client during volatile markets and prevent him from making unwise investment decision.

Advisors can share the book with their Marathi speaking clients.   

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