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Business Development Try email marketing to attract new clients

Try email marketing to attract new clients

A white paper published by LPL Financial, USA, shows how IFAs can use email to their advantage.
Team Cafemutual Feb 9, 2018

You can harness the popularity of email to stay on top of your clients’ mind by engaging with them via email marketing to give them the information they need.

Here are few tips, suggested in the white paper, to create an impactful email marketing campaign:

  1. Create your strategy: Here is the guide to develop an email marketing strategy.
  • Determine your target audiences: By looking at your intended recipients, you may find a need to build separate campaigns for different audiences. For instance, you would not want to send information about fixed annuity products to your millennial clients. No matter how you choose to distinguish your audience, make sure to have a plan to reach out to them.
  • Decide the frequency of your communication: Find a schedule that works and stick to it. Your recipients will appreciate the regularity of your messages, making them more likely to expect and open your content.
  1. Component for success: It is critical to cut through the inbox clutter and ensure your messages stand out and add value. Consider the following to draw your clients in opening and engaging with your content:
  • Subject Line: Keep your subject line under 50 characters so readers quickly know what to expect. You can use a straightforward approach (“Our Top 5 Recommended Articles for February 2018”), something more personal (“Dev, Read Our Top Financial News Picks”), a line that intrigues (“The One Thing 76% of Investors Read”), a question, or an urgent reminder.
  • Content: It is essential for your message content to be engaging, accessible, and relevant to the recipient. Demonstrate your value in each message. Use personalisation when possible. Readers tend to respond better to “Hi Susan” than “Dear Reader.”
  1. Imagery: Images can help keep the reader interested and break up large portions of text—but if you use too many, the email won’t load properly or you could get marked as spam. Select images that enhance your message.
  2. Send Time: There is no “best time” to send an email; the success of your campaigns greatly depends on the habits and preferences of your audience. A few rules of thumb:
  • Send emails during the week, as those received on a weekday tend to perform better than those sent on the weekend.
  • Send your email in the morning. The open rate for most industries tends to peak around 10:00 am.
  • Try a few different approaches, and monitor your stats until you find what works.


  1. Ease of interaction: Be sure to develop a response protocol. For those who no longer want to receive your messages, make opting out an easy process. Include how to do so in the footer of your email, such as, “If you no longer want to receive these messages, please reply to this email with ‘REMOVE’ in the subject line.” If you’re using an email tool, they will allow—and very likely require—you to include an Unsubscribe link in your messages.

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