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Business Development

Client centeredness: The ultimate recipe for success
In this article, we discuss why adopting a client-centered approach is so important to be a successful financial advisor.
by Vibha Mar 7, 2012
Success Mantras
Powerful tips and advice to help you grow your business.
by Team Cafemutual Jan 20, 2012
7 New Year Resolutions of a Successful Advisor
Extracts from the diary of a successful advisor, reproduced here so that we too can learn and get inspired.
by Team Cafemutual Jan 6, 2012
How do IFAs benefit by social media?
Once regarded as mere entertainment portals, social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are helping IFAs who know how to use them in many ways
by jayshree Nov 22, 2011
Bundling products can help you increase your business
Bundling multiple products in a single bundle can increase productivity and business, says Jigar Parekh, CFP and Zonal Head of Prudent CAS
by Jigar Parekh Nov 14, 2011
Improve your productivity to increase your profits
You can improve your productivity by reviewing and analyzing your activities, says Amit Trivedi of Karmayog Knowledge Academy
by Amit Trivedi Nov 13, 2011
How to turn adversity into an advantage
Umesh Aggarwal, Certified Financial Planner, believes that IFAs can succeed by upgrading themselves and shares a few thoughts on it
by Umesh Aggarwal Oct 26, 2011
Small savings committee proposes to restructure agent commission
The report by finance ministry’s committee on small savings recommends either reducing or completely abolishing the commission paid to agents on various small savings schemes
by Team Cafemutual Oct 19, 2011
3 techniques to win client trust and loyalty
Jigar Parekh, Zonal Head - Alternate Channels, Prudent CAS believes that IFAs would do well by changing their focus from products to clients.
by Jigar Parekh Oct 17, 2011
What to tell a potential client in your first meeting?
The first conversation with the client is most vital and also the hardest. Jayshree Pyasi lists what you need to tell an investor on why they need an advisor
by jayshree Oct 16, 2011
Client Profiling will help you grow your business
Appropriate client profiling can help you increase your productivity and effectiveness.
by Jigar Parekh Oct 12, 2011
Tapping them young
With a young population, attractive entry level salaries the likes of which were beyond the imagination of their parents, the segment of young earners presents a huge opportunity to IFAs
by jayshree Oct 10, 2011
Using internet and social media to grow your business
Today as many investors are becoming tech-savvy it is crucial for an advisor to have an online presence. Due to the emergence and adoption of social media, investors can now inspire loyalty through tweeting, blogging, reviewing, following, and so forth. Jayshree Pyasi gives tips on how to use internet and social media to drive sales and loyalty.
by jayshree Oct 10, 2011
7 tips for effective communication with clients
Being able to communicate effectively with clients is one of the key success factors for an IFA. Jayshree Pyasi gives you some powerful tips on effective communication.
by jayshree Oct 3, 2011
How to handle NRI clients – A primer
The Indian Diaspora presents a lucrative opportunity to those who get it right. Ravi Samalad has a few useful tips and insights on managing NRI clients
by Ravi Samalad Oct 3, 2011