Business Development

How can IFAs build a SEO friendly website?
An independent survey shows that many people make buying decisions based on what they find online before meeting any adviser. So make sure that your website is impressive.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 22, 2016
‘Misinterpreting client brief was one of my biggest mistakes’
Nisreen Mamaji, Mimi Parthasarathy and Anup Bhaiya share the mistakes that helped them evolve in the advisory journey.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 19, 2016
‘One of my client advised me to charge fee’
Lovaii Navlakhi and Monish Mehta share the best advice they ever got which helped them improve their practise.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 14, 2016
Secrets of successful women advisers
Deepali Sen and Sangeeta Jhaveri share how they turned financial advisors and what has helped them excel.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 13, 2016
How well do you articulate your value?
Read on to find out how advisors can articulate and communicate their value proposition to their prospects.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 11, 2016
The best advice I ever got
M S Shabbir and Ramesh Bhat talk about the best advice they ever got which helped them succeed in their practise.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 8, 2016
Make your client the hero
Stories are critical in communicating your value proposition and your differentiator.
by Stephen Wershing Jul 8, 2016
Useful tips to attract new clients through LinkedIn
A whitepaper by LPL Financial, an US based investment consultant company, shows why successful advisors are using LinkedIn to identify business opportunities, deepen relationships and generate leads that can help increase revenue and drive practice growth.
by Team Cafemutual Jul 7, 2016
'Taking women clients for granted was my mistake'
Ritesh Seth and Jayant Vidwans share their biggest mistakes and what they learned from it.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 5, 2016
What advisors learned from their mistakes
Srikanth Matrubai and Dilshad Billimoria share their biggest mistakes which have helped them become better financial planners.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 2, 2016
Cafemutual Fintech review: NSE NMF II
NSE NMF II enables distributors to execute transactions seamlessly on behalf of their clients thereby saving time and cost.
by Nishant Patnaik Jun 29, 2016
‘Clients are willing to pay fees if you ask them’
Suresh Sadagopan and Vishal Dhawan recall their learnings from their first client and how it helped them grow their business.
by Banali Banerjee Jun 28, 2016
Prove your value proposition through what you deliver
It is the first thing you say to someone to differentiate yourself from other financial advisors.
by Stephen Wershing Jun 21, 2016
5 surprisingly simple marketing strategies of successful advisors
A whitepaper by Financial Marketing Pros shares five simple marketing strategies which successful advisors adopt to grow their business.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 20, 2016
Tips for advisors to plan their succession
A whitepaper released by Investacorp, a financial services firm, gives you essential tips on how to go about planning your succession.
by Team Cafemutual Jun 16, 2016